The 1326 Roulette System

The 1326 system of roulette is a variation of the Paroli or Reverse Martingale systems of roulette. This system is a positive progression system, and it’s designed to accelerate your winnings. Unlike the Paroli system, however, its designed to accelerate your winnings over a four number winning streak.   As always, please remember that like all gambling systems it’s merely a tool and provides no guarantees.     It can be very successful but there’s no gambling system that never loses, unfortunately!

The Basics of the 1326 Roulette System

Think of the system in terms of units. As you can deduce from the system’s name, you’re going to bet 1 unit, then 3 units, then 2 units, then 6 units. Let’s work this out using a $1 bet as our basic unit.

For the first bet, you’re going to bet $1. On a winning streak of four numbers, you’d bet $1, $3, $2, and $6. If you lose, at any point, you go back to the beginning of the progression. If your starting bet, or starting unit, were $3, on a winning streak you would bet $3, $9, $6, and $18. It’s fairly simple arithmetic.

1326 roulette System

The 1326 Designed to Maximize Winning Streaks

The upside of this is that, if you’re on a winning streak, you can accelerate your winnings relatively quickly. The downside? It’s possible to completely wipe out your profits on a single bet. This system is a little better than the Paroli in that respect, however, because the staggered progression locks in profits, or at least attempts to, with each go.

There’s another downside to this 1326 system of roulette, too. Since it’s a positive progression, it’s harder to climb back out of the hole on a streak of losses. It’s very easy to hit the table limit and then be stuck holding the – empty – money bag.

Let’s look at our second example, using the $3 bet/unit. If you lose the first spin, you’ve lost $3 to the house. If you win the first, but lose at the second level of the progression, you’re in the red. If you make it to the third level of the progression, you’ve gotten a profit. If you lose on the last bet, you’ve broken even.

Like any system of roulette, the 1326 roulette system cannot influence the odds at the roulette wheel. Chance will always have its say in where the ball lands. Play for fun, and always keep your budget firmly in mind as always when playing any gambling game – more information.

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  1. vancleef

    I’d like to try this out but online first – any suggestions?

    10:24 pm on 1/16/17
  2. admin

    Never try out a system using real money (unless you’re so rich you don’t care!). Test it out on a free play version, most of the big reputable casinos have free play areas – here’s the Bodog/Bovada one

    3:59 pm on 1/22/17

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