Oscars Grind – Roulette Betting System

The origin of this particular betting system goes back to the 1950s, Oscars grind was originally developed by a craps player called (not surprisingly) – Oscar. It was actually made popular a little later in the 1960s by a writer and journalist called Allan Wilson, who documented the system based on a conversation he had with Oscar. This system allegedly was the gamblers main income and he consistently earned regular but modest profits with the Grind system

Summary of Oscars Grind

For those who are looking for an exciting, whirlwind strategy that has the possibility of making your fortune then let me tell you straight away, Oscars system is definitely not it. I’m not sure who he was but I get the idea he may have been a very meticulous accountant or bookkeeper who devised this. Personally I think it would drain all the fun out of any casino game you could mention !

The system is best placed on even money bets in roulette and craps. It is based on sequences, each set of bets is defined as a sequence and you must follow the system exactly during each sequence of bets. Each sequence is designed to bring a profit of a single unit, no more and no less – when this win has been completed you start again or leave the casino.

So lets try and explain – first of all you place a single unit on an even money bet. If you win then there is no sequence so you start again (the sequence ends when you make a profit of 1 unit), if you lose then you continue to bet the same unit. If you win then your next bet is one unit larger than the previous one, you continue this progression until you’ve recouped your profits and made a single unit profit.

Bet and OutcomeAccumulated Loss/Wins
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-1
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-2
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-3
Bet 1 Unit and Win-2
Bet 2 Units and Win0
Bet 1 Unit and Win 1

So you can see in this example sequence, we’re betting a single unit on an even money bet. The first three bets lose, so we keep betting a single unit as soon as we win we increase the next bet by another unit up to two. In our example we come back to zero so our next bet is only one unit, the target is +1 nothing more and nothing less, as this bet wins the sequence ends. You can see none of the figures are large and the idea with Oscars Grind is to keep racking up winning sequence like this.

Here’s a slightly bigger example, remember goal is to reach plus one unit, we’ll never make a bet that takes it above that level.

Bet and OutcomeAccumulated Loss/Winnings
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-1 Units
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-2 Units
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-3 Units
Bet 1 Unit and Lose-4 Units
Bet 1 Unit and Win-3 Units
Bet 2 Unit and Win-1 Unit
Bet 2 Units and Lose-3 Units
Bet 2 Units and Lose-5 Units
Bet 2 Units and Win-3 Units
Bet 3 Units and Win0
Bet 1 Unit and Win+1 Units

Little bit longer here but you can see from the example, the sequence is a winning won with the required outcome of +1 Unit. It’s not a reckless system and in fact some people accuse it of being too conservative for a gambling strategy. But remember it does nothing to alter the house advantage or edge so you should always set up a maximum limit that you will stick to. It’s possible with Oscar’s Grind just like Martingale to be placing a very large bet just to recoup a single unit of profit.

I’ve just been trying out Oscars system in the new zero edge casino from betfair – no zeros on the roulette wheel at all ! I’ve made money on the two times I’ve played it here, it’s not surprising as these sort of systems work much better with no house edge obviously. Not sure if I’ve got the patience to play this regularly though.

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