Casino Royale “You Know My Name” Music Video

A music video for Casino Royale, using the latest version of Chris Cornell’s title song and as much footage as is available!

25 Responses to “Casino Royale “You Know My Name” Music Video”

  1. funkyfacewash

    chris cornells album should be more like this instead of jason derulo

    3:32 am on 5/30/10
  2. storma1

    i want to watch casino royale again now 🙂

    4:23 am on 5/30/10
  3. TheJelenaMA

    GREAT JOB with the video!!! I love it!

    5:13 am on 5/30/10
  4. burgershot29

    @shamee1994 ur prolly fat

    5:38 am on 5/30/10
  5. buzonperiodista

    Fuck me… that was a fucking nice video. WONDERFUL JOB.

    6:24 am on 5/30/10
  6. Krheangurl

    I wish that James Bond movies will live forever!!

    7:16 am on 5/30/10
  7. ragnarok2unlimited

    one word WONDERFULL

    8:08 am on 5/30/10
  8. shamee1994

    ooh daniel craig looks SO sexy. i wish i was one of his bond girls

    9:01 am on 5/30/10
  9. bananayana2

    Wow, this is great! Looks like it could be an actual trailer itself =D

    9:57 am on 5/30/10
  10. ImprovedMexican


    10:42 am on 5/30/10
  11. Lotus504

    great video

    11:04 am on 5/30/10
  12. jfhburr123

    @Neville6000 I can’t argue with that! ;D

    11:38 am on 5/30/10
  13. armandmeli

    eva green is sexy

    12:25 pm on 5/30/10
  14. Neville6000

    @jfhburr123: This song should have won a Best Song Oscar, it was so good!

    12:38 pm on 5/30/10
  15. Neville6000

    Great video you’ve made-can we see a remake of it with more footage?

    1:14 pm on 5/30/10
  16. 90seffectssuck

    y is green such a popular British name?

    2:10 pm on 5/30/10
  17. TimoLauk

    Very good video

    2:49 pm on 5/30/10
  18. XxpauldadudexX

    @sasdfrom hahaha,Rosie Odonell,soooo funny!=}

    2:53 pm on 5/30/10
  19. sasdfrom

    @XxpauldadudexX Of course he shags supermodels; it’s not like he’s shagging rosie o’donell look alikes. I’m not arguing with you that he’s more ruthless. I’m saying he does “drive $500,000 cars and joke while killing guys while shagging supermodels”. The lines just aren’t as corny.

    3:07 pm on 5/30/10
  20. XxpauldadudexX

    @sasdfrom He does what in movie?He doesnt”shag” supermodels and he IS more ruthless than roger moore or sean connery!

    3:50 pm on 5/30/10
  21. sasdfrom

    @XxpauldadudexX Umm he does all that in the movie anyway. Maybe he should’ve gotten caught then? lol

    4:15 pm on 5/30/10
  22. Selmak36

    Daniel Craig is the best bond ever!

    4:30 pm on 5/30/10
  23. pokerrock

    I think Vesper is more beautiful in their hotel room with out all the eye make up crap.

    5:25 pm on 5/30/10
  24. Tobiasweischer

    I like that Mads Mikkelsen is one of the main characters in this movie, (Also because I am Danish myself). He plays good, but I think that it is funny, that Le Chiffre should seem to be Albanian, but Mads’s accent sounds very danish. It is a little bit fail 😛

    5:56 pm on 5/30/10
  25. elete919

    Wow. awesome editing. Love the song and love the way you incorporated it into a music video. Well done!

    6:33 pm on 5/30/10

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