Experiencing the Clermont Club in London

London has always had a reputation for elegance, and the Clermont Club doesn’t do anything to tarnish that perception. If anything, it is a namesake of British prominence.

The Clermont Club in London was originally conceived at the end of the seventeenth century. A man named Robert Adam was trying to conserve the elegant splendor of one of the finest areas of London. So, while the world around it gets busier and busier, the Clermont Club is a kind of peaceful time capsule of what used to be.

The club offers a homey bar and lounge. The ceilings are a mile above you, with the chandeliers reaching toward you. If you want the ambiance to match what you’re drinking, this place will fit the bill.

If you’re interested in more than a drink, the Clermont Club in London also offers fine dining. With the equivalent luxuriousness of the bar and lounge, the dining room is the perfect place to enjoy a dish of the finest of food.

Location of the Clermont Casino

Now, you come to a casino to gamble. The Clermont Club in London offers quite the gaming experience. You can choose your poison from roulette, black jack, three card poker, or punto banco. As you’re losing your money, you won’t believe that you just a few steps from the city. That’s how separated the club is from its surroundings.

If you want to gain a membership to the Clermont Club in London you will have to complete a personal application. Not just anyone can become a member of this place. You might just have to settle for visitor status. Still, if you think you got the chops, you should apply.

Now, the Clermont Club in London is not the biggest casino you will ever gamble in. You should not be expecting size to be its grandeur. Currently, casinos keep outdoing each other. They are all trying to be the biggest because they thing that means they will be the best. The Clermont Club exists under a different philosophy.

Sometimes you don’t go to the buffet because you want quality over quantity. The Clermont Club brings you the quality of fifty other casinos combined. It does it in a small amount of space. So, don’t be disappointed by its size. Instead, respect it for what it is.  Playing games of chance in the Clermont is an experience in itself, certainly brings a new dimension compared to playing online roulette on your laptop at home.  If you need help with systems, or rules start at our home page first and you’ll find all the help you need.

Many of the sites of the Clermont Club in London have to be seen to be believed. No matter which way you look, it looks like you are taking a picture for a postcard. Every square inch of the place is screaming with elegance.

London has changed a lot since the seventeenth century. The elegant and the underclass have fused together to form the hustle and bustle that is downtown. When this gets too much for you, there is a place that hasn’t aged with the rest of London. At the Clermont Club you can take a step back in time. Who knows, maybe you will even win some money. Probably not, but you never know.

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