James Bond Casino Success

There’s some really interesting findings completed by the online casino firm Betway.com.  They’ve worked out who is the luckiest James Bond from the spy’s frequent visits to the casino.  On average Bond’s winnings came to a very impressive – £7,263,485 per episode which sounds mighty impressive.  The figures though are heavily skewed mainly because Daniel Craig won by far the most an incredible £76,263,485 playing poker in Casino Royale – that’s one high stake game.  All the winnings were adjusted for inflation – here’s the blockbuster hand (where I would have without doubt got something like a pair of twos).

So anyway when you take out Daniel Craig’s Bond taking Le Chiffre to the cleaners, you’re left with an average of £93, 054 per film.  The unluckiest James Bond was the George Lazenby one, who contrived to actually lose £200, 000 Francs (£208, 943 when adjusted).  He was playing Baccarat, which was actually Bond’s favorite casino game – in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – he was pretty rubbish in the film too if I remember.

All in  all, James Bond did rather well at the casinos especially as he usually managed to pull some beauty at the same time.   My experiences have been somewhat different….although  there was that time in Salford Casino in Manchester.

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