Best Free Online Roulette Practice Games and Guide to Online Casinos

This website will bring you lots of news, reviews and information on playing the best gambling game in the World. The word roulette is actually derived from the French meaning ‘Little Wheel’. No one is entirely sure who invented the game, but my favorite version is that it was created by Blaise Pascal in the sixteenth century as part of an experiment to discover a perpetual motion machine. One of his friends saw the potential for a gaming machine and hence the origin of the game we love. I’d imagine he’d be pretty amazed to see how we could now play roulette from our computers.

So Where Can I Play Online Roulette on the Web?
There’s certainly a lot of choice, but in my mind the single most important point is that it’s a reputable casino. One that plays fair, pays quickly when you win and has a decent support if you have any problems. There’s still plenty of these but it does cut down the choice significantly.

However I also have a personal preference of live casinos, simply because I don’t want the result worked about by computer software. Unfortunately the majority of live casinos are all very artificial – there’s little atmosphere as they’re specifically set up for the TV cameras, all except one. I first found the best free online roulette game in this casino because I actually played there on a Stag weekend in Dublin

Here’s some screenshots from DublinBet Casino.

What you can see is a real casino in Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin. You place your bets at exactly the same time as the other punters and then watch the wheel spin. You’ll see people winning, losing and even occasionally falling off their stool and being escorted off the premises! There’s a great atmosphere if you visit on a busy night, although when it’s empty it’s a bit boring just like a real casino though.

You don’t even have to use real money to enjoy the atmosphere – the free game is exactly the same and you play alongside everyone else.

You can access the free game here – Dublin Bet Preview Game

(Unfortunately you now need to register to access the free game, but you don’t need to make any deposits to play)

These are results you can trust

Have you ever had that nagging feeling the computer is cheating when you play in any online roulette game? That single time you put a bundle on black and it comes up red.  Now I’m pretty sure most online casinos don’t cheat but it’s still a computer program.  If you’re trying to work out systems or testing the best roulette bets, then you need the guaranteed randomness of a real wheel.

Anyone who has ever played electronic slot machines knows how they can easily adjust payouts.  Ultimately you have to trust the code that runs the game, but not here.    You’ll see the wheel spun by a real croupier, in a real casino alongside the other punters who are physically there.  It’s a great way to test out tactics and systems and even learn the game.

Anyway although Dublinbet is my personal favorite but of course there are lots of other great ones.  I play on about 4 different roulette sites and you’ll see only those mentioned on this site.   There is of course no online version of roulette that is as good as the real thing so get out there and visit one,  it’s a great night out. But of course we can’t all do this.

So for the romantic, the eccentric and thrill seekers amongst us, there is simply no better way to gamble.   This web site is dedicated to the thrill of the game of roulette and how we can play it safely online. Remember roulette is a game of chance, when lady luck is with you she can make you very rich, but there are no guarantees, no certain systems despite what you read online.

You can read all about these roulette systems in this blog, they all sound convincing and people have been losing money to most of them for hundreds of years. The beauty of roulette is it’s simplicity and the transparency of the game. No hidden rules, no bluffing, just the spin of the wheel and wherever it lands determines your fate.

Here’s one of the most popular that’s often mentioned – Martingale.

The video is also available on YouTube entitled Online Roulette.

A Word of Caution

Unfortunately this wonderful game has also been targeted by crooks, hackers and thieves so be careful were you play. Stay well clear of HUGE bonuses, anything promoted by spam email or basically anything that sounds too good to be true.  The bonuses will either be non existent (so that you’ll download some virus riddled setup file) or have so many conditions on them that it will be impossible to ever claim.

You’ll see hundreds of web sites recommending all sorts of vague casinos, this is usually because they’re being paid to do it. Many casinos get customers by offering huge bonuses – we at ‘Play Online Roulette‘ prefer fair play and good customer service.

Roulette is of course ultimately about randomness, without this then the game is a waste of time. You will notice our bias away from the software based online casinos in this website. Although I agree some of them can be fun, the problem for real gambling is that the randomness is controlled by an RNG (Random Number Generator) which is built into the games software.  I prefer my random a little more natural than that – which is why I always prefer live roulette played with a real croupier.

So enjoy this site, we’ll be adding lots of news, stories, mathematics and some interesting stuff about roulette in the near future. Any casinos recommended are based not on bonuses but reliability, support and most importantly fairness of the game. As such you won’t find huge lists of ‘recommended online casinos’ – simply because most of them aren’t that good!!

This Post is also available in German – Wie spielt man Roulette Online ?

Remember Gambling is supposed to be fun, don’t lose money you don’t have. If you think you have a problem visit – Gamble Aware.

Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth it?

There are many, many  ‘get rich’ quick schemes relating to online gambling.  Unfortunately the vast majority of them are completely useless and usually designed to get other people rich.   For newcomers to the online casino scene, one very alluring option is the huge bonuses that online casinos seem to offer in return for a modest deposit.

are online casino bonuses worth it

You’ve probably seen them things like 500% bonus when you deposit $100 or 3 times deposit bonuses for all new players.  Sometimes they’re even more ridiculous than that, promises of free money to anyone who simply starts playing.   It sounds too good to be true and of course if you’re over 12 years old you’ll realise that it probably is.   However please remember when you see websites promoting casino bonus bagging, what they’re normally trying to do is steer you towards a certain casino for the commission payments they will earn.

So Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth it?

Well of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bonus when you start playing at a new online casino.  In fact virtually every casino offers something, however what you need to remember that it isn’t real money they’re offering.   You can’t deposit $100 and then cash it all in with the huge bonus straight after, there’s a catch and it’s a big one.

It’s called wagering requirements and you’ll should find them detailed on the casinos website, close to the bonus offer.  Somewhere you should see this specified usually in the form of a number and an ‘x’ – for example one of my favorite online casinos is called Betfair and if you click on their bonus page here , you’ll see that the wagering requirement is 45x.

Basically this means that any bonus payment must be played 45 times before it can be cashed in.  So if you’ve deposited £100 and received a matching bonus of £100 you must effectively stake 45x£100 = £4500 before that cash becomes yours to withdraw.

Game Restrictions

Now if that doesn’t sound bad enough, you’ll also find a series of game restrictions which will probably also apply to these bonuses.  You might find perhaps that roulette doesn’t apply, or specific games where it’s easier to place these bets at low odds.  Sometimes only a percentage of the stake applies in specific games making the wagering requirement multiple much higher.

One of the most popular games to be excluded in these wagering requirement is actually blackjack, which of course has one of the lowest house advantages.   The beauty of Blackjack is that if you follow a some basic rules and strategies you actually have a very decent chance of winning or at least coming out close to even.  In fact a professional blackjack player, has a very good chance of a risk free casino bonus if they’re allowed to wager on the blackjack table.  Which is why of course, that most don’t count Blackjack when considering casino bonuses.

If you do find a reputable casino that does allow blackjack you’ve found one of the few chances of how to make money from online casino bonuses.  But again be very careful about which casino offers it, there’s likely to be a catch as the fair casinos won’t let you do this normally.

The reality is that most casino bonuses are actually worth very little. You have to gamble them so often that it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to withdraw them directly. It would take a very luck streak to be able to cash out the bonus and your deposit without having to spend much more money.   People keep talking about using a casino bonus strategy but there’s never much sense behind them.   They’re a bonus, an added extra don’t let them be the sole reason you choose a place to gamble – secure site, reputable company and decent support are much more important.

Also remember these terms and conditions can be virtually anything, and you’ll find the more generous the bonus the more complicated and difficult the wagering requirements rendering them virtually worthless. It’s good advice to never select an online casino based on these bonuses, the legitimate casinos will keep them realistic and fairly low. Whereas the sky-high ones have no intention of ever letting you cash out anyway so it doesn’t matter how high they are.

You will notice that all the large reputable online casino companies will all offer relatively modest bonuses. However that’s because they do pay out and have to ensure that the offer isn’t too generous. If you’re looking between a couple of big names then it’s probably worth thinking about the bonus as a deciding but it should never be an important factor.

Here’s a couple of my favorite casinos and their respective bonus pages, all huge international companies as to be honest it’s not worth the risk playing with any other sort of online casino.

BetfairGreat casino and operates world’s largest betting exchange.

Bodog – one of the world’s largest gaming companies, operating largely across Canada and EU, known for their poker especially – click here for bonus details.

Bovada – the oldest and most reputable gambling company which accepts US customers. This is largely due to various National and State laws. Bovada is a well respected US Sports site too.

Free Online Roulette No Download

For those people who have never tried roulette, there’s a few fantastic sites online. If you’re uncertain of the rules or the etiquette, then they’re a perfect way to start. Below you’ll find a free online roulette no download required.

free online roulette no download

All casino games and particularly roulette are related to the laws of probability.  The spin of the wheel and the ball are supposed to be perfectly random to produce the total game of chance.  Every bet you place is rewarded based on the probability of it happening, so you’ll receive even odds for choosing a colour or odd/even.

The only caveat to this, and the reason why the casino will always ultimately win in the long run is the existence of the zero on the wheel.  This creates an advantage for the house, or the house edge as it’s known – zero doesn’t appear in red/black or odd/even.  Which is why it’s so important to play roulette for fun primarily and not for financial gain.

To access the Money Game – You can get it here – Bodog Casino or for US Players

Free Online Roulette no Download

To access the Money Game – You can Click Here – Bodog Casino

If you play roulette for free then it’s not so important,   but if you play for money then you should check how many zeros there are on a wheel as it hugely affects the chances of you winning.    Even if you’re just using an online roulette wheel, check this out before you play.  There are two main forms of roulette – European and American and the primary difference is the number of zero’s on the wheel.

  • American Roulette has Two Zeros
  • European Roulette has One Zero

It’s a simple way of checking which version you are playing. Our advice is never play on an American wheel unless it’s one of the free online roulette with no download we feature on this site. Certainly never play for money on an American roulette wheel as it effectively doubles the ‘house edge’ and reduced your chance of winning quite significantly.

Another important point which is worth remembering if you are intending to play free roulette for fun is that all computer simulated games can have their payouts controlled.  What some of the less scrupulous companies do is make their casino free roulette games payout more generously than the real money games.  This obviously lures in players who were just intending to play on the free roulette wheel.  None of the bigger firms featured here do this, but be wary if you can’t seem to lose on any free roulette wheel.

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