Best Free Online Roulette Practice Games and Guide to Online Casinos

This website will bring you lots of news, reviews and information on playing the best gambling game in the World. The word roulette is actually derived from the French meaning ‘Little Wheel’. No one is entirely sure who invented the game, but my favorite version is that it was created by Blaise Pascal in the sixteenth century as part of an experiment to discover a perpetual motion machine. One of his friends saw the potential for a gaming machine and hence the origin of the game we love. I’d imagine he’d be pretty amazed to see how we could now play roulette from our computers.

So Where Can I Play Online Roulette on the Web?
There’s certainly a lot of choice, but in my mind the single most important point is that it’s a reputable casino. One that plays fair, pays quickly when you win and has a decent support if you have any problems. There’s still plenty of these but it does cut down the choice significantly.

However I also have a personal preference of live casinos, simply because I don’t want the result worked about by computer software. Unfortunately the majority of live casinos are all very artificial – there’s little atmosphere as they’re specifically set up for the TV cameras, all except one. I first found the best free online roulette game in this casino because I actually played there on a Stag weekend in Dublin

Here’s some screenshots from DublinBet Casino.

What you can see is a real casino in Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin. You place your bets at exactly the same time as the other punters and then watch the wheel spin. You’ll see people winning, losing and even occasionally falling off their stool and being escorted off the premises! There’s a great atmosphere if you visit on a busy night, although when it’s empty it’s a bit boring just like a real casino though.

You don’t even have to use real money to enjoy the atmosphere – the free game is exactly the same and you play alongside everyone else.

You can access the free game here – Dublin Bet Preview Game

(Unfortunately you now need to register to access the free game, but you don’t need to make any deposits to play)

These are results you can trust

Have you ever had that nagging feeling the computer is cheating when you play in any online roulette game? That single time you put a bundle on black and it comes up red.  Now I’m pretty sure most online casinos don’t cheat but it’s still a computer program.  If you’re trying to work out systems or testing the best roulette bets, then you need the guaranteed randomness of a real wheel.

Anyone who has ever played electronic slot machines knows how they can easily adjust payouts.  Ultimately you have to trust the code that runs the game, but not here.    You’ll see the wheel spun by a real croupier, in a real casino alongside the other punters who are physically there.  It’s a great way to test out tactics and systems and even learn the game.

Anyway although Dublinbet is my personal favorite but of course there are lots of other great ones.  I play on about 4 different roulette sites and you’ll see only those mentioned on this site.   There is of course no online version of roulette that is as good as the real thing so get out there and visit one,  it’s a great night out. But of course we can’t all do this.

So for the romantic, the eccentric and thrill seekers amongst us, there is simply no better way to gamble.   This web site is dedicated to the thrill of the game of roulette and how we can play it safely online. Remember roulette is a game of chance, when lady luck is with you she can make you very rich, but there are no guarantees, no certain systems despite what you read online.

You can read all about these roulette systems in this blog, they all sound convincing and people have been losing money to most of them for hundreds of years. The beauty of roulette is it’s simplicity and the transparency of the game. No hidden rules, no bluffing, just the spin of the wheel and wherever it lands determines your fate.

Here’s one of the most popular that’s often mentioned – Martingale.

The video is also available on YouTube entitled Online Roulette.

A Word of Caution

Unfortunately this wonderful game has also been targeted by crooks, hackers and thieves so be careful were you play. Stay well clear of HUGE bonuses, anything promoted by spam email or basically anything that sounds too good to be true.  The bonuses will either be non existent (so that you’ll download some virus riddled setup file) or have so many conditions on them that it will be impossible to ever claim.

You’ll see hundreds of web sites recommending all sorts of vague casinos, this is usually because they’re being paid to do it. Many casinos get customers by offering huge bonuses – we at ‘Play Online Roulette‘ prefer fair play and good customer service.

Roulette is of course ultimately about randomness, without this then the game is a waste of time. You will notice our bias away from the software based online casinos in this website. Although I agree some of them can be fun, the problem for real gambling is that the randomness is controlled by an RNG (Random Number Generator) which is built into the games software.  I prefer my random a little more natural than that – which is why I always prefer live roulette played with a real croupier.

So enjoy this site, we’ll be adding lots of news, stories, mathematics and some interesting stuff about roulette in the near future. Any casinos recommended are based not on bonuses but reliability, support and most importantly fairness of the game. As such you won’t find huge lists of ‘recommended online casinos’ – simply because most of them aren’t that good!!

This Post is also available in German – Wie spielt man Roulette Online ?

Remember Gambling is supposed to be fun, don’t lose money you don’t have. If you think you have a problem visit – Gamble Aware.

Fantastic $130,000 Pay Out at Ignition Casion

It’s not a hand that happens very often, but it can lead to a huge payout.  Last week a poker player from the Caribbean drew that rarest of hands, the Royal Flush.  It happened in very ordinary situation Dennis D was playing a low stake game, he’d wagered just $4, on a simple game of Caribbean Hold’Em.

Apparently he just drew the ten-ace suited Royal flush straight from the deck, something that has never, ever happened to me except once.  Unfortunately that time I was teaching my teenage son the rules of poker and my winnings consisted of M&Ms!

Obviously this wasn’t enough to turn $4 into such a massive payout, so how did he do it?  Well Denis had decided to take out one of the side bets available and took part in the progressive Jackpot bet.  The result was that he boosted his winnings from the basic 100-1 to the huge jackpot of $134,000!

There’s half a dozen great poker games on the Ignition Game casino site and some excellent introduction bonuses.   Getting involved in the progressive jackpots is definitely the way to hit it big but of course these are entirely optional.  The progressive jackpot does vary and at the time of writing is a little less at $116,000 but it changes all the time and can be much more than this.

Here’s the US link to Ignition Casino


MSPT Poker Bowl II Winner Announced

<strong>Kfir Nahum Wins  at The Venetian Over Super Bowl Weekend</strong>
The $1, 100 buy MSPT Poker Bowl II, which coincides annually with National Football League Super Bowl weekend, also drew 827 entries to The Venetian, crushing the $500, 000 guarantee with a $806, 325 prize pool and surpassing last year’s field of 695. After two starting flights and Saturday’s Day 2, it was 43 years old Kfir Nahum, who lately relocated to Las Vegas home of some great casinos, earning the victory following a four way dip, netting him $108, 410 and the current lead in the Season 9 Kimo Sabe Mezcal POY Standings. I feel great, my spouse and parents are here, said Nahum, a businessman who owns the trip service.

He is also the father of two boys and a daughter, the last of whom just graduated from high school. I purchased in 3 times to this tournament. The same guy knocked out me two times. The 3rd time was the charm. As for who he desired to win the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, Nahum was quick to answer I’ll go with the Eagles. It is business decision. Should they win, my brother will do a great deal of cash in Philly. The triumph brought Nahum’s career earnings up to $587, 960. This was the most recent notch on his own poker belt which include finishing 61st from the 2017 World collection of Poker Main Event to get a career high $121, 188, and a pair of wins in Bay 101 $1K event for $100, 000 and $79, 330 respectively. He also won the 2014 Israel Poker Tour Summer Edition Main Event for $73, 689.

Final Table Results
1 Kfir Nahum (Henderson, NV) $108,410*
2 Matthias De Cercq (Belgium) $108,410*
3 John Ploski (Chicago, IL) $84,743*
4 Bob Shao (Berkley, CA) $76,926*
5 Mike Lang (Waukee, IA) $40,316
6 Steve Buell (Green Bay, WI) $30,640
7 Ana Freitas (Brazil) $23,383
8 Ahmed Taleb (Moorhead, MN) $18,545
9 Daniel Perkins (Las Vegas, NV) $14,514
*Denotes four-way deal
On Day 2, 115 players returned to action, which meant 25 players left without a payday. Some of those unfortunate players that didn’t make the money include Osama “Sammy” Aweida, “DQ” Dan Hendrickson, 2017 MN Magazine POY Todd Melander, and poker pro Darren Rabinowitz. Nikhil Gera was our bubble boy, getting his set of kings cracked by Daniel Frumkin’s queens when Frumkin rivered a flush.
Notable players that were able to score a cash in the tournament include Ryan “protentialmn” Laplante (85th – $2,096), Washington’s all-time tournament earnings leader Scott Clements (83rd – $2,096), 2016 WSOP Colossus II Champ Ben Keeline (75th – $2,177), MSPT Poker Bowl I fourth-place finisher Jordan Cristos (70th – $2,258), Day 1B chip leader Valentin Vornicu (59th – $2,419), Jon “PearlJammed” Turner (55th – $2,419), 2010 WSOP Main Event third-place finisher Joseph Cheong (47th – $2,580), Day 1A chip leader Dylan Thomassie (45th – $2,903), Kathy Liebert (42nd – $2,903), Eric “Basebaldy” Baldwin (23rd – $5,725), MSPT Season 3 Running Aces champ Rodger Johnson (12th – $11,289), and a double elimination prior to the final table that saw Connor Arlia (11th – $11,289) and Marc Bernal (10th – $11,289) give us a nine-handed Final Table from the start.
Final Table Action
Early on, Daniel Perkins was unfortunate enough to run his [kskc] into Ana Freitas’ A?A? and after a 4?A?K? flop left him drawing to one out, he found no help on a 7? turn or 2? river and was crippled and subsequently eliminated in ninth place for $14,514.
Season 8 MSPT Grand Falls Champion Ahmed Taleb was next to go, after he jammed his last 450,000 from the cutoff, and was called by Matthias De Cercq in the big blind.
Taleb: 9?K?
De Cercq: K?K?
Taleb found no love on a 5?2?Q?2?8? board and the former MSPT Champion had to settle for eighth place and $18,454 as a consolation prize.
Freitas’s demise came in two hands, first when her jacks ran into Nahum’s kings in a monster pot, then two hands later, when her sixes weren’t able to hold when Mike Lang spiked an ace on the turn, to leave her with seventh place and $23,383 for her efforts.
The next player to fall was Steve Buell, after Nahum jammed from the small blind for Buell’s last ten blinds and Buell snapped him off.
Nahum: 8?7?
Buell: A?8?
Buell’s lead was short lived after the 8?Q?7? flop brought Nahum two pair, and the 10? on the turn and 7? on the river filled Nahum up. That sent Buell to the payout desk in sixth place with a $30,640 payday waiting for him.
Lang was the next to go losing a flip with eights against De Cercq’s ace-king. That gave Lang, the last MSPT regular in the field, a fifth-place finish and $40,316 in winnings, enough to propel him into the top 40 all-time for MSPT tournament earnings.
After Lang’s elimination, the four remaining players struck a deal as follows:
Nahum = $108,410 and the title (via chip count)
De Cercq = $108,410
John Ploski = $84,743
Bob Shao = $76,926
“The blinds were so high, it was more luck than skill at that point,” explained Nahum. “It was going too long, the average was about 20 bigs, so we decided to do away with the luck and chop. As for the money, I’ll be playing more poker and taking care of my family.”
Season 9 of the MSPT continued February 23-25 at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota. That $1,100 buy-in, $300K GTD will offer two starting flights on Friday and Saturday culminating with Day 2 on Sunday. The stop will also mark our first live-streamed final table of the year.