Here’s a free online electronic roulette game from our friends at Bodog Roulette that is great fun. It’s perfect for idling away a bit of time, learning how to play a roulette game or testing that wonderful new roulette system you have acquired. Ok it’s not quite the same as an evening in the Bellagio or Monte Carlo, but hey it’s not too bad for a free game online roulette.  In case you’re not aware, the Bodog American roulette site is now known as Bovada although both are owned by the same company.   You can access all the money games in practice  mode without any problems on both  sites.  There’s no popups, or software to download and you can play any of the money games in practice mode first.

The sites and and games are pretty much identical though and there are free play areas on both sites.  Most of them are accessible from the lobby but for most games you get the option to ‘practice’ or play for real cash.  Make sure you know which one you’re playing! You’ll obviously have to make a deposit to play for real money

Here’s the Bodog site which is accessible from Canada, South America and some parts of Asia.  If it’s not accessible from your location you should get redirected to the casino version which will work in your location.

Bodog Roulette /Bodog รูเล็ต Free Play

To access the Money Game – Just click above.

 All the practice games are fully functional roulette games, there’s a couple of things to check though.   First, make sure you’re not playing the Bodog American roulette wheel especially if you’re playing for real money.    It’s essentially the same game, but the primary difference is that ‘American roulette’ has an extra zero on the wheel which effectively doubles the house advantage.  You don’t want to play for real on this version of roulette even if you’re a patriotic American!   You need a standard or European roulette wheel where the odds are much better.   It’s vital you check that the roulette wheel has one zero which means that –

  • It’s a European Roulette Wheel
  • These are among the best odds you’ll find in a casino
  • Remember you should never play on an American wheel with real money !

Just place your bets as normal – select your stake at the bottom and when you’re ready just press spin but remember you don’t win any money – it’s just playing roulette for fun. Anyway enjoy and win yourself a virtual fortune and don’t forget it’s cheaper to try out things like Martingale on these systems.  Perhaps try this free online blackjack game which you can find in the Bodog blackjack section.

Bodog Roulette Bodog รูเล็ต


If you want to test a system or strategy in a live casino, using these Free play systems is the sensible thing to do.  Most offer European roulette free practice and even American roulette if you prefer.  You can also play all the other games like Bodog slots free too.  In the end, it’s a companies reputation that is most important, you can see that there are lots of Bodog winners as it is a trustworthy company which honors it’s commitments.

Remember the majority of online casinos use a random number generator to simulate spins – if you want to play a live system there are a couple of options.

Personally I always use the Free Play system here which is basically an exact copy of the full game but youdon’t play for cash.  It’s pretty busy most of the day so you can play alongside people actually at the casino. As with all these free roulette games they are identical to the cash games and are especially good for trying out progression systems and theories (and finding out the problems without it costing a fortune).

Anyway if you fancy playing in an Irish casino – just select the ‘Practice for Fun’ section. It’s great for people watching too – amazing how many people are in a casino at 10 AM in the morning !! There’s a great selection of free online roulette games now, but try and stick to the reputable names like Bodog Roulette and especially if you play for real. They’re fair, well run and have professional 24/7 staffed help desks.