Cleopatra Slots Game – Free Online Roulette Software

Here’s the just for fun version of the original Cleopatra Slots Game, it’s pretty fun to play and quite hypnotic after a while. Importantly for me it’s one the best free online roulette software games that isn’t too complicated so it’s easy to figure out the winning rules.

To play for real – follow these links

To access the Money Game – You can get it here – Bodog Casino or here for US Players

To access the Money Game – You can get it here – Bodog Casino or here for US Players

Hope you enjoyed this one, there’s hundred of different slots run available if you register, but remember gamble responsibly – these slots can get expensive if you play for too long without watching your stakes.    In many ways enjoying free online roulette and slots software like this is almost as much fun as using real money.

Betfair Offer – Free £5 to Play Online Slots

Personally I stay well clear of these things but I know that  many people do love them.  Yes I’m talking about online slots, of which there are many available online.  It’s difficult to make up your mind with these, you either have to deposit some cash and then wait for account to clear or you play the free ones with pretend money.

Well Betfair have come up with another offer, when you sign up you can claim £5 to play on the slots.  It’s worth doing for a couple of reasons, firstly a Betfair account is always useful they have some great sports books and fixed odds offers.  They’re big and honest which is essential in this game.

This is the link or click on the graphic below, the code is already inserted for the free £5.


Be warned though the apps for the iOS and android can be very addictive especially if you have a boring commute!  I speak from experience….