The Taj – Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

The Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, New Jersey sits regally at 1000 Boardwalk amidst the busy casino district along the shore. The Taj, as the Trump Taj Mahal is referred to by the locals, is one of two casinos currently owned by the prestigious Trump Entertainment Resorts Company.   Trump Taj Mahal Casino

The casino at the Taj has a large poker room that rivals all others located in Atlantic City, only bested in size by the one at the Borgata. The casino also features around 75 regular game tables and 14 tournament specific tables for competitions. Open since April 2nd, 1990, the Trump Taj Mahal cost almost one billion dollars to construct. It was only fitting that Michael Jackson perform at the opening ceremony.

The obvious theme of this particular trump Hotel is obviously the Taj Mahal, in India.  There are 2,248 rooms, all decorated in luxurious modern designs, as well as over 165,000 square feet of gaming space.  The signature attractions of the Trump Taj Mahal are the Hard Rock Café, Steel Pier, and the Spice Road Shops, but most simply show up to gamble. It is s Trump’s third piece of property in the area.

Back in 1988, this property was enveloped in controversy before its grand opening. This property was part of the feud between Donald Trump and Merv Griffin, as well as Resorts Casino and Hotel, over the Resorts International corporation. The original name of the Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City was the Resorts Taj Mahal Casino. Griffin had run out of money and construction on the Taj had ceased. Trump attempted to buy the unfinished properties, but Griffin refused to sell. Eventually an arrangement was agreed upon, leaving Trump with the Taj, and allowing it to open in 1990. The Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City was the largest casino with the highest grossing income in the city until the Borgata overthrew its reign in the year 2003. As a way to regain popularity and fight back against their competition, the Chairman Tower was added to the Taj in 2008, which added over 2,000 rooms to the hotel casino.

While staying at the Taj Mahal,  guests can enjoy four fine dining restaurants on location, including Dynasty, Moon at Dynasty, Il Mulino New York, and Safari Steakhouse. For a more casual dining experience, guests can enjoy cuisine at the Hard Rock Café, Il Mulino Trattoria, the Rim Noodle Bar, Royal Albert’s Place and White House Sub Shop, among many others. For a quick meal or drink on the go, guests can also seek out Berriyo, Auntie Annie’s, Sbarro and Starbucks at their convenience.

Although some fame was gained for the Taj Mahal because the poker room was featured in the movie Rounders in 1998, the majority of its headlines were about the 2009 shooting incident. In May of 2009, a casino shift manager was shot by a man from Pennsylvania named Mark Magee. The manager was killed. Magee said that he shot the casino manager because the executives at the Trump Taj Mahal were trying to cheat players at their table games. Magee was convicted of murder and is now serving a minimum 30 year long sentence. In 2010, not long after Magee was convicted, the Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City had a special park created for the memory of Ray Kot, the casino shift manager. Although they’ve been through a tragedy, and it may not be the number one casino and hotel in town anymore, the Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City is still going strong.

The Attraction of Games of Chance

I look at probability. mathematics and finding the best odds on this site.   For instance we all know that we should never play on an American roulette wheel when at all possible because if effectively halves our chances of winning – by doubling the house edge.  But sometimes we just have to accept that chance and fate is something that just cannot be predicted despite our best efforts.

It’s the same with an online casino like this one here, sometimes it’s just best to pick your favorites not those with the best odds.  Obviously if you decide to select a casino based in the Ukraine, that sends out Spam emails every day but has 10 times the bonuses of any other online casino – luck will not help you.  In fact you’re probably best to stop going online altogether as it’s bound to end in tears.  Picking a fair and reliable casino online is probably the most important point.

It’s when you hear stories like Susan and Lee Mullen that you tend to think – ‘stuff the probabilities’ – I’m just going to play Super Martingale tonight.  Lots of casino systems can easily lead to huge winnings,  if you’re lucky.

Initially Susan and Lee Mullen from Grimsby weren’t very lucky at all, in fact exactly the opposite.  They had played the lottery for years using the exact same numbers.  Unfortunately one particular week they were quite short of money, Lee has some disability problems and was unable to work.  So this week they had to forgo buying their lottery ticket and bought nappies for their baby instead.

What else could decent parents do ?  Alas if they’d been reckless, gambling parents and spent the money on lottery tickets they would have scooped the lottery as their numbers came up, £8.5 million was the jackpot.

As Mrs Mullen said

To say that we were totally gutted was an understatement………

No this just sounds like a hard luck story, a parable of the cruelness of fate but no it actually evolves into one of the stories that make you chuck your laws of probability out of the window.   Six years later after gradually coming to terms with their ‘experience’, Susan Mullen had a dream at Christmas that they would win again.


Winning Games of Chance

Mr and Mrs Mullen Win Lottery (Again)

So they started to play the lottery once again.  By February a few short weeks later their numbers came up again, well not the same numbers just a luck dip selected at random by the till for them.  Never the less, their jackpot winnings came to just under £5 million and this time they had the ticket!

The vast majority of us will go through life without coming any where near a lottery win, yet this couple won and lost two of the biggest ever.  For those of us who like to put these things in some sort of perceptive by calculating the odds, you’ll probably not be surprised it’s quite a large number.

The odds are estimated at 196 trillion to one against.

This simply shouldn’t have happened,  it was virtually mathematically impossible.  But it did happen and next time you walk passed an American Roulette wheel and fancy a spin – then perhaps you’d best ignore my advice and just have a go!