Parlay Bets Pay Off for British Columbia Punter

You might not win all the time, but Parlay betting is one way to pick up a huge payout. Parlay bets (or accumulators as they’re known in the UK) are linked bets where your winnings are staked on a series of individual bets.

If you are only interested in big payouts without risking huge sums, then Parlay betting is one of the most popular routes to go. Obviously it depends on the odds, but it’s perfectly feasible to turn a few hundred dollars into a five figure payout.

An popular option is the eight leg parlay which is what one punter invested in last week with Bovada. He placed five hundred dollars down on four Major League Baseball game. Why only four? Well you can bet both on the winner and the over/under for each game. The action took place on September 16th, and Ho K from British Columbia was on a very hot streak. Every one of his parlay bets came in netting him a $57, 779 payout from a days of worth of MLB fixtures.

There’s lots of different promotions on certain types of parlay bets, you can actually even win for just placing such a bet irrespective of the outcome. At the moment there’s a $1000 draw for any nine stage parlay bet between Thursday and MOnday but check these out before placing your betas they change regularly.

They seem complicated and risky bets, but these accumulator bets can be a method of big payouts without risking a huge stake.

Play for a Million Reward Points

As slots enthusiasts, we are all mindful that when playing at the Casino, a jackpot can fall into our laps at any time. Because a substantial 1 million Reward Points will probably be handed out at random through a draw, this really is especially the case on October 1, 2015. The Reward Points will do two things: it will bump your Compensation Amount up and it will also be converted to money the same day; and a double triumph for you! since 1 million points equals $1,000 in unrestricted cash, not bad heh?

You are probably wondering how to get in on this contest, and luckily for you, it’s incredibly simple. You only wager a minimum of $1 between September 14 and September 27, and you will automatically get an entry. No muss, no fuss. You can boost your chances of winning by getting more entries. For every day you wager at least $1 in Casino between the aforementioned dates, you will be granted a ballot – up to a maximum of 14.

If this deal seems good, it’ll surprise you to know that it gets even better. Then the benefit gets sweeter in case the draw winner happens to get VIP status – the 1 million Compensation Points will be bumped up to 1.5 million! Keep in mind, in case you haven’t yet reached VIP standing in MySlots Rewards, the more casino fun you have, the further you’ll move up the ranks of the reward amounts because you always accumulate Reward Points with every twist. You can move from the Depositor Rewards amount all the way up to VIP Exclusive Rewards by simply doing what you love doing – playing slots!

Circle October 1 on your calendar if you played appropriate since you could see a serious increase to your bankroll. Start spinning to get those votes in because September 27 is coming up quickly. It only doesn’t get easier than this.