The Parlay Roulette System

We’ve all probably done it at some point, that exciting moment when you throw down all your remaining chips for the chance of one last, big win.   Sometimes you’ll win and often you’ll lose but it can be quite exciting!

The Parlay Roulette system tries to capture this idea and provide a framework for trying to win a certain amount.  It’s one of the simplest roulette systems but it could be very lucrative with a little luck.

There are lots of variations of the Parlay roulette system (as always) however the basic idea is that you specify a target then make a series of bets to reach that target.

For instance – how could we turn $10 into $400?

  • Bet $10 on Black (Win and total is $20)
  • Bet $20 on Red (Win and total is $40)
  • Bet $40 on Sixline bet like 1-6 (Win and total is $200)
  • Bet $200 on Evens (Win and total is $400)

That’s just an example of course – but it illustrates the idea.  If you win you move onto the next bet in the sequence until you make it to your goal.  If you lose at any point you return to the beginning and start again.

Again with any of these sequence systems if you reach your goal you must pocket your winnings and stop.   You can use Parlay in a variety of ways – perhaps a selection of sequences to complete or one big payout.

It’s perhaps just a way of organizing your bets rather than a full blow roulette system.  It gives you a goal and instills some discipline into your bets.  If you have a target in mind then Parlay is probably worth considering as it makes you sit down and think about the best way to aim for  that target.

For one I’d much rather play something like this than the awful Martingale system.  I like the way it is completely flexible but just keeps you focused on the win.



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