Getting That Dealer on Your Side

I often wonder what most players in a casino think when they look across the table towards the dealer. Do they see the enemy, an ally or merely someone who just helps you lose money?  It is easy to see the dealer in any game as the enemy especially because they are hired by the casino. However the smart gambler will try to get the dealer on their side.

Why Do I Need to Get the Dealer Onside?

Let’s be straight here having a friendly dealer can make a big difference to your prospects at a table. They can influence both indirectly and directly whether you walk away dealer
Of course some people will argue that there’s no point in caring about how the dealer feels as they cannot directly influence the results especially in a game like roulette.  But how about considering the following;

1) A dealer can definitely make your stay at the table unpleasant. If they are aggressive and try to intimidate players then it’s hard to gamble effectively and sensibly. What is worse the experience will be less enjoyable.

2) A friendly dealer will be responsive to questions, one who isn’t will frequently try and simply ignore such requests.

3) If you have a complaint at a casino, having the dealer back you up in a claim is of huge importance.

4) If you have a problem with another player, the dealer is likely to side with one or other of you. Guess who’s likely to win the argument.

Most of the differences are very subtle but there are more in play advantages too. Take for instance in the game of Blackjack – a friendly dealer can easily increase your potential for profit by assisting in your hit or stand decisions. Take for instance the situation where the dealer knows his downcard does not make his hand pat, perhaps he could pass by your spot in the table instead of asking for a decision. Saving you from making a difficult decision and winning the hand.

Perhaps the dealer will get rid of an annoying customer, or perhaps decide to shuffle earlier a very poor deck. Obviously there are many games where the dealer has no impact at all – but I’d always a dealer onside rather than against me.

So How Do I Get the Dealer to be My Ally

There’s no magic solution and in the main it comes down to common civility. A dealers job is not an easy one, their employer wants them to win and the players expect to win also. Their simply never going to make both sides happy – so appreciate it’s a tough job. It’s mainly about being friendly, chatting when appropriate (not if it interferes with the game) and basically treating the dealer as a fellow human being. Be cautious about being over friendly with dealers of the opposite sex, mild flirting might work with some but may upset others (especially if you have my courting skills!)

Another good way of befriending a dealer is to tip them. It doesn’t have to be a huge tip but if you win any amount will be appreciated. One tactic that is often used by professional gamblers is making the tip in the form of a bet – so placing a wager ‘for the dealer’ before a hand or spin. This reinforces a kind of partnership on a subconscious level that you both are needed to win.

But probably the best tip of all is to accept defeat, some people just won’t get on. There are some incredibly miserable dealers out there, although 20 years of late nights and stress could make anyone like that. If you’re not going to get on with a dealer then move on and sit at another table.

The line between winning and losing in most casino games is quite narrow, getting the dealer on side is an important step in allowing you to focus and play your optimum game. It is definitely more important in games like Blackjack and poker but there’s no harm in having a friendly dealer in any game. At the very least it will help make your time at the table more enjoyable

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