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Here’s the latest of our free online games – this time it’s Craps. Now I’m not really convinced that an online version of Craps really works, but it is a good way to check out the rules before you visit a casino. As a matter of fact Craps is a great game to play in a real casino but it can be very confusing to learn in that environment. It’s extremely fast and you’ll normally see a lot of excitable players on the bigger tables. But don’t let that put you off – the reason they’re excited is because it’s just fun!

Craps used to be the most popular game in a casino although it has declined a lot since then, it’s still a fun and exciting way to gamble.

To access the Money Game – You can get it here – Bodog Casino or for US Players

To access the Money Game – You can get it here – Bodog Casino or for US Players

Some Basics of the game of Craps

First a note on the bets, most Craps tables are huge. The reason is that the bets are duplicated on each side of the table to allow more players. You’ll also see bets on the middle of the table – beginner players should ignore these are they are all hopeless value. Nobody who has a clue how to play will touch these bets unless they’ve had a few too many Martinis.

Because of the scale of the game you’ll notice there are normally four casino employees usually known as the crew. Two dealers sit inside the table who are responsible for collecting bets, calculating payouts etc. In between them will be the boxman who oversees all the actions and manages any disputes or problems. Finally there is the stickman who stands across from the boxman who is basically in charge of the dice using a long curved stick. The Stickman really controls the game, attends to the center bets (the rubbish ones) including trying to get the players to place bets on these.

It can be a bit confusing at first but you should be able to find a low stake table (about $5) to start off with. To buy chips put your money down on the table and the dealer will cash it for your. Make sure the dice are sitting in the middle of the table before you take any actions, it’s considered very bad form to have the dice hit your hand during a game.

On To Action

The game starts when a player is offered the dice, if he wants to roll he selects two of them and becomes the shooter. In order to roll the dice, the player should make a line bet on either the pass line or don’t pass line. All the other players will also place their bets, traditionally the shooter will normally bet on the pass line accompanied by the majority of players who tend to support the shooter. Basically a bet on the pass line is for success for the shooter, if you bet don’t pass then you’re hoping the shooter will fail.

If you’re the shooter you should throw the dice as directed, the dice must hit the far edge of the table and stay inside the playing area. The first throw of the dice in a new round is called the come-out roll and there are various ways to win or lose on this roll.

Come Out Roll Results

  • 7 or 11 is a natural and the pass line wins, the don’t pass loses. (Round ends)
  • 2,3, or 12 is craps and the pass line loses, the don’t pass wins. (Round ends)
  • 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 is rolled then this becomes the shooters point

You’ll see the dealer then place a marker over the shooters point so that everyone knows what they’re aiming for. The game then continues and the shooter continues to throw the dice until one of the following results is delivered.

  • Rolls the Point Number (Makes the Point) – Pass Line Wins
  • Rolls Seven (Sevens Out) – Don’t Pass Wins

In either of these situations the round ends.  The same shooter will normally continue until they roll sevens (sevens out) after the initial come out roll.

What normally happens is most people support the shooter by betting on the pass line.  They all hope a lucky individual will keep winning all night with a pair of ‘hot dice’.

There are of course lots more to this game but that’s enough to get everyone started, I’ll cover some the probabilities and other bets in a later post.  It’s a great game if you get a good atmosphere, again not sure if that can be replicated online but who knows. But please it’s much easier to learn the rules here than at busy casino – although if you find a quiet table most dealers will be happy to run you through the rules. Of course never ask this on a busy night – it’s hard work running a Craps table with lots of players.

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