Jeju Casino Cheating Allegations Continue

The most important thing for any casino is to maintain a good reputation.  Nobody in their right mind will play any money based gain if they suspect that there will be a problem collecting their winnings.  Which is the problem with many online casinos, the vast majority of them target customers with hugely enticing offers of free money, free spins and plays.   They look good on the outside but if the casino doesn’t pay out winnings reliably then they’re completely worthless.    Unfortunately there are many of these casinos online but fortunately very few real, physical casinos that engage in these tactics.  It’s why it’s important when gambling on the web to pick a decent name like Bodog, try their Baccarat here.

There are still some stories however and the latest comes from the South Korean Island of Jeju, and their dealings with four Chinese customers who were refused payment of 1.1 billion won (just over a million US dollars) last May.   The tactic is one that is extremely common in dodgy online casinos, when you try and collect your winnings – they accuse the player of some sort of cheating.

Of course these accusations are nearly always made up, they are made merely to provide a convenient excuse to not pay up.  With online casinos, a bad reputation can be discarded easily though.  Couple of hours with a web designer and an online casino can be rebranded with a completely different identity, not so with a physical casino.

Jeju Casino Fails to Pay up

Jeju Casino Fails to Pay up

There is nothing that can destroy a real physical casino more quickly than a lack of confidence and reputation.  The choices for gamblers particularly for a huge market like the Chinese grow every year.  Which is why the casinos in Jeju are so worried about this particular case, four Chinese nationals reporting the Seogwipo casino to the police for refusing to pay and cash out their chips.

The casino originally alleged that the four had been cheating, however during a civil case this appears to be untrue.  It appears that the employee was instructed to make the allegations and no evidence can be produced to support their allegations.  The reputation of the Jeju casino industry looks in real trouble and many are very worried.

A million dollars might sound a lot, but the casino industry in South Korea is huge fueled largely by the Chinese, with Japanese gamblers a distant second. This story if it turns out to be true will definitely have a large impact on the Jeju casino circuit.

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