The Best Hotels in Las Vegas: The Palazzo

If you haven’t heard of The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, it’s because it’s one of the newest hotels on the Las Vegas strip. When I first heard its name, I suspected that it was some second rate hotel off the strip. I was very wrong. This is a real-deal five diamond hotel. You don’t get any nicer than that.

The Palazzo originally opened in 2007. So it’s been around for a little while, but it’s still in its honeymoon stages on the strip. If you’re planning on staying there you should expect to spend at least $250 on a room. So, it’s one of the more expensive hotels, but for a five-diamond hotel, it is pretty reasonably priced. You are paying for luxury at this hotel.
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The theme of The Palazzo is Italian. Now, the question you’re probably asking is why Las Vegas would need another Italian themed hotel when it has the Bellagio? Yes, the Bellagio is one of the nicest casino hotels in the world. It attracts a lot of customers. Whenever something is popular like that, it will attract competition. I think that’s what is happening here. So, is it just a copycat, or does it have something to offer?

Well, here are some stunning facts about The Palazzio which just might make you think it’s not just a copycat. The Palazzio is the second largest building on the western side of planet Earth. So, it’s big. When you approach you notice there is a two story glass dome surrounding an enormous fountain. This is a great place to go to escape from the heat. It has received energy awards for operating in way that optimizes the energy used.

Vintage is great some of the time, but other times you want the newest. When it comes to gambling, many people prefer to use newer equipment. That’s what you get at The Palazzo. Maybe in a few years that will change, but right now it’s one of the freshest places to gamble.

A lot of money was used to start this place up. Since it’s still in its infancy, that means the owners are going to do everything they can to get this place popular. That’s why they are trying to have all of the best shows here. They are also giving great deals to get people excited about the place. For these reasons, The Palazzo might just be one of the best deals in Las Vegas.

So, maybe there is already enough Italian in Las Vegas. Maybe they didn’t need to come in and build The Palazzo in the first place. But, they did. Now that it’s here, it’s worth celebrating. It has some of the finest dining in town, some of the best shows in town, and some of the best of everything in town. That’s why it’s growing in popularity. Next big win I get from my evenings playing roulette on the internet it will be invested in my second trip to the Palazzo for sure.

The Palazzio will one day be as familiar a name as the other hotels in Las Vegas. If you want to try it out while it’s still new, now is the time.

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