Fantastic $130,000 Pay Out at Ignition Casion

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It’s not a hand that happens very often, but it can lead to a huge payout.  Last week a poker player from the Caribbean drew that rarest of hands, the Royal Flush.  It happened in very ordinary situation Dennis D was playing a low stake game, he’d wagered just $4, on a simple game of Caribbean Hold’Em.

Apparently he just drew the ten-ace suited Royal flush straight from the deck, something that has never, ever happened to me except once.  Unfortunately that time I was teaching my teenage son the rules of poker and my winnings consisted of M&Ms!

Obviously this wasn’t enough to turn $4 into such a massive payout, so how did he do it?  Well Denis had decided to take out one of the side bets available and took part in the progressive Jackpot bet.  The result was that he boosted his winnings from the basic 100-1 to the huge jackpot of $134,000!

There’s half a dozen great poker games on the Ignition Game casino site and some excellent introduction bonuses.   Getting involved in the progressive jackpots is definitely the way to hit it big but of course these are entirely optional.  The progressive jackpot does vary and at the time of writing is a little less at $116,000 but it changes all the time and can be much more than this.

Here’s the US link to Ignition Casino


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