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This site is all about playing roulette but to be honest I play the majority of the time in a real casino.  I always arrange my holidays and breaks to be conveniently located near a casino  so I can play, especially as I don’t live near a decent one.

However of course you can always play this wonderful game online but you should be careful.  Playing roulette is fun but some of  these  games can be very addictive when played online and you can lose a lot of money.   Take heed of the story of David James Collins from North Wales.

This 23 year old banking adviser had a weakness for online roulette and lost huge amounts of money playing almost everyday.  Unfortunately  the money he used was not his own but stolen from customers and his father.  Collins was jailed for two years in 2010 for the thefts.

When he was released his father forgave him, yet his addiction to gambling was so strong that he was soon stealing again from his poor father to play.   Even when confronted he apologised but continued to steal from other accounts to pretend to repay the debt and carry on playing.  On many occasions he was losing over three thousand pounds a day in various online casino sites. It’s a slippery tale and although some people make money in casinos, most make them on owning or promoting them – try learning casino seo for instance and create your own site.

You can read the whole story here.

The problem is that although there are some great online roulette sites, there are few of the normal checks and balances that you find in a normal casino.

Games go too quick – there are simply too many spins too quickly.   If you play at a busy table in a normal casino, there might be say thirty spins an hour.   An online or terminal based casino can allow around 3 spins a minute, that’s 180 spins an hour!   If you use the awful auto-play functions you can lose a serious amount of money very quickly.

Social aspectsplaying solitary online roulette for too long can turn into an addiction.  Those social interactions that break up play – like chat with fellow player, the croupier or perhaps a drink at the bar simply don’t exist.   Roulette can turn into an online one-armed bandit with little or no fun about the game.

Virtual Money – casinos use chips instead of real cash for a reason, it’s much easier to lose a pile of plastic tokens than it is a wad of dollars.  Online games are even harder to keep track of you money – you simply have an electronic counter which you can top up harmlessly by credit or debit card.  Having a stake limit is essential in any roulette game but even more important in the electronic game.

Playing Online roulette for real money can be great fun if you’re sensible but it’s essential to play sensibly.  Set a limit for any session and don’t go over it, be especially careful if you’re having a drink.  Remember if you just enjoy the game – you can play online roulette free here.  Using an proper live roulette game like Dublinbet allows a much more relaxed game and importantly at a more steady pace.


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