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It’s a strange title for a post about roulette, but RNG Roulette is at the core of the majority of online casinos and  is therefore a crucial decision about how you play online. RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is the computer algorithm responsible for ensuring all the spins are random when you play in a computer generated online casino.  When you hear about systems and methods designed to guarantee wins in online casinos,  the core question is how to beat random number generators that are at the heart of all the games.

So what does a Random Number Generator(RNG Roulette) do?

Well the biggest problem facing any online casino is to ensure that they produce a fair and random game, people are never going to play a fixed or manipulated game for very long (although they seem to be happy to do this with fruit machines!). Roulette is actually one of the fairest forms of gambling you can take part in, purely because it is so open, nothing is hidden and the result is almost completely random.

Built in Random Number Generator

The random generator in a real physical casino consists of the following

  • At what speed the croupier spins the ball
  • At what speed the croupier spins the wheel
  • The exact starting point of the wheel
  • The angle of the ball when spun into play

All of these factors (and in fact many more) influence the final resting place of the ball and which number wins, each factor will be different for every single spin.   It is these factors that create an almost perfect random event so that neither the house or the player can predict where the ball will land.

RNG Roulette - Random Number Generator

RNG – Random Number Generator

Unfortunately none of the elements are available to computer software, at least not easily so they use an algorithm that generates ‘random numbers’ .  Ultimately there will always be some sort of pattern purely because these numbers are artificially determined by a computer however even pseudo random should ensure a fair spin of the wheel.

It’s important for both the player and the casino that the roulette RNG algorithm is as unpredictable as is possible.  There’s an interesting website which does claim to offer true random numbers for anyone online by using atmospheric noise.  You can get free random numbers from them here – Random.org.

Many of us don’t like playing games of chance that are computer controlled,  playing computerized one arm bandits always seems a little too biased in favour of the machine in my experience.  However all of these games rely on some sort of pseudo random number generator (PRNG) to provide the illusion of chance.

Of course, there are concerns about these generators from both side of the table. The punter wants to know that the game is fair and that the game is not being controlled or manipulated.  Whereas the casino will be concerned about rng roulette patterns that are predictable.

Roulette RNG Cracker

It should  not be possible to learn how to predict numbers from a random number generator.   You may have seen that you can buy software that promises to be a roulette RNG cracker, however you should be very dubious about these. Even if there was a flaw in a particular roulette random number generator it would be highly unlikely that anyone would release a roulette RNG cracker that actually worked.   Just imagine that you had created a piece of software or a system that could predict the numbers from thousands of online system, would you really sell it?  Why risk selling a computer program for a few dollars that you could basically print your own money with.

roulette rng cracker

Save your money, if there’s going to be any sort of system or software that can predict casino biases it’s only going to exist in the physical world. It’s entirely possible that individual roulette wheels experience small levels of bias which can be identified. Indeed you can read about someone who actually won over $1.5 million doing exactly that here – The Story of Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo.

RNG Roulette Flaw

From the casino’s point of view – is it tempting to manipulate the games in order to win?  To be honest this depends greatly on the scale and reputation of the casino provider.  In truth any well run, fair online casino with lots of customers will always make money which is what most of them do.  The danger is with the smaller scale, less reputable companies who promise huge bonuses and often don’t have the resources to cover large wins in the short term.   Basically if you stick to a large reputable company they should be fair and free of any RNG roulette flaw.

In truth a casino is likely to make much more money by being fair than risking manipulating the odds, however this doesn’t mean some of them don’t.  That’s the problem with a Random Number Generator, it can be manipulated or modified at the click of a button, you can’t do that with a real life croupier who would be extremely hard pushed to spin the number he wanted to even if he tried, it would certainly be extremely obvious!

My advice is if you’re playing roulette you need “REAL RANDOM” not  RNG roulette, check out the many live casinos now on the internet, I’ve listed a couple below.    The best ones are linked in real time to proper casinos, so you can play online roulette without without worrying about a computer controlled roulette wheel.  Don’t gamble against a machine, they always tend to win!

Here’s where you can get the latest live casinos from the most reputable companies in the roulette market.  Don’t mess around with small, fly by night casinos, it’s not worth the risk.  Stick to the big names, who’s offers are more reasonable but at least you’re guaranteed to get paid if you win.


What is a Random Number?

A random number is a number chosen from a set of numbers in such a way that any of the available numbers has an equal chance of being picked. In other words, a random number is one that is drawn from a set of possible values, each of which is equally probable. This is often used in statistics, computer programming, cryptography, and in creating simulations or games.

Can a Computer Create a Random Number?

No, a computer cannot create a truly random number on its own because it follows designed algorithms and deterministic processes. The numbers that a computer generates are called pseudo-random numbers, as they only appear to be random but are generated in a predictable way with a deterministic start state. However, some methods can increase the randomness, such as using external, unpredictable influences like mouse movements or keyboard presses.

Is a Roulette Wheel Random ?

Yes, a roulette wheel is designed to produce random outcomes. The number the ball lands on is determined entirely by chance due to the spin of the wheel and the ball’s momentum. However, it’s important to note that while the results are random, the odds are not evenly distributed because of the presence of the zero or double zero slots.



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