Looking for a Winning Roulette Strategy

opzioni binarie 30 secondi Never mind looking at complicated systems, techniques or  dealer tracking – it seems to be much easier to guarantee a win.   Yes here’s proof that all you need for a winning roulette strategy is a David Blaine!

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Tadalafil Oral Strips No Prescription Watch how he wins over $3000 for two girls in a few spins on the roulette wheel.   For more stories like this – click here.

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Pretty neat trick huh. So how does he do it?

herramientas opciones binarias Well I reckon they probably filmed it a few times and with only five bets he was pretty sure to get one winning streak like that! But who knows that’s just me being cynical, mainly because if he could do it for real don’t think he’d need to do magic tricks……

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  1. Freedollar

    binäre optionen finanzamt Very nice video;)

    10:43 am on 1/25/12

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