Exploring the St James Club, Antigua – Casino in Paradise

There are incredible casinos all over the world. Some are magnificent. St James’s Club in Antigua is one of the best in the world.  In 1784 the island of Antigua was  Great Britain’s most important Caribbean base. Even then, the island was a greatly respected place. Over the years, some things have changed.

St James Club, Antigua Casino

Let’s talk prices. We’ll get this out of the way first as I’m afraid you’re probably going to need some of those profits. Prices depend on what time of the year you are planning on visiting the island. It is the most expensive during their holiday seasons from December 21 to January 2. This is because they only have their All-Inclusive Platinum Plan available during this time.

Still, the prices do not change that much throughout the year. You will pay around five hundred dollars a night for a single room, six hundred for a double, and eight hundred for a triple. They offer club rooms, premium rooms, beachfront rooms, suite rooms, and even a 2-Bedroom Villa which is priced at over a thousand dollars a night.  However one of the benefits particularly  if you enjoy the informality that is available when you play internet roulette at home is that the dress restrictions are not too restrictive.  Certainly you must be smart but it is a lot more relaxed than some of the best European casinos.

St James’s Club in Antigua has a vast array of restaurants and lounges. You can eat all three meals at the Rainbow Garden. It is a large dining room with vaulted ceilings and a gorgeous chandelier. It has also has patio seating.

If you would like to be closer to the beach, there is the Coco Beach Restaurant & Bar which is located right next to the shoreline. It is a casual dining place.

The Docksider will give you a great view of Mamora Bay. This is the place to go if you want to eat actual Caribbean food. There is also Caribbean entertainment provided on Caribbean Night.

Docksider Restaurant

Lastly, the Piccolo Mondo is an Italian Caribbean fusion restaurant. All of these restaurants have their own charm, and if you are staying for a few nights, it is nice to experience all of them.

There are many activities to experience at St James’s Club in Antigua. If you visit their Watersports Center, you can pick up a snorkel and fins and start exploring the sea.

This is a great way to get to know the Caribbean Sea. Also, the equipment is free to use, and they will also train you on how to use it for free.

There is a lot of water to experience at this club. You have two beaches that you can visit. There is also the bay, or swim in one of the six pools at the club.

Many people come to a resort like this golf. St James’s Club in Antigua has two 18-hole golf courses. Each course takes advantage of the area. They try to make your golf experience as gorgeous as possible. The greens are green, and you are surrounded by stunning beaches.

St James’s Club in Antigua is a great getaway. It offers more than you will possibly have time to do, but also is just great place to relax. We haven’t talked about half of what they offer there. Maybe you’ll just have to go to find out the rest.

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  1. Barbara

    I had a very lucky streak here and won a lot of money. Mind you they got it all back in hotel charges, fantastic place I’d love to go back.

    3:56 am on 9/15/14
  2. Katia

    It’s a beautiful place, have been lucky enough to stay there on two occasions.

    11:46 pm on 9/18/14
  3. admin

    Haha Barbara, good for you. I’ve been once on a holiday here a few years ago, but I didn’t gamble as I was worried I wouldn’t have enough money when we checked out 🙂

    8:26 pm on 6/25/15

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