Burning Up in Sun City, South Africa

Neil Young once sang that it’s better to burn out than fade away.  I think that’s a pretty good motto for a casino, especially a casino that’s located in a place called Sun City Africa.  Sun City, South Africa is a kind of resort village.  It contains four luxury hotels that each has their own unique attributes.  You can choose between The Palace of the Lost City, the Cascades Hotel, The Sun City Hotel, and The Cabanas.

Before we get into the hotels and activities, we should talk about the casino.  After all, that is what this article is about.

Sun City, South Africa

There was a time when Sun City was the place to gamble in South Africa.  When the resort was first opened 1979, it was one of the only places to gamble in South Africa.  Because it was only a couple hours from the big city Johannesburg, many people would travel to Sun City to gamble.  This is really how the resort was able to thrive.

Nowadays, there are casinos within the big cities.  Because of that, Sun City has had to evolve.  That has led to them shifting their focus from gambling.  You see, they just can’t compete with proximity.  If you can gamble in your own city, then the gambling somewhere else would have to be pretty great to get you there.

Sun City in South Africa changed to more of a resort city with entertainment.  Still, they offer some of the best gambling around.  You will not be disappointed by the gambling they offer.  They have over 850 slot machines.  They also have all the classic games that you are used to playing like craps, blackjack, and roulette.

Since Sun City in South Africa is now more of a resort town, maybe we should talk about some of the other amenities you can enjoy while you’re there.  First, one of the exciting offers they have here are safaris.  They offer one kind of safari where you travel by hot air balloon.  Imagine looking at wild creatures out of a hot air balloon.

The resort offers a water park to its guests.  The park is called the Valley of the Waves.  It has a wave machine that launches tall waves every ninety seconds.  There are also five fun and exciting rides.  And, what water park would be complete without a lazy river?

Also, most people bring their golf clubs with them when they go to a resort.  You will definitely be able to get your golf on at Sun City in South Africa.  They have an 18-hole course in a desert style course.  This is a vintage South Africa experience.

While times may have changed for Sun City in South Africa, it is still a pretty great destination.  It’s not a casino first anymore, but you can definitely enjoy some gambling there.  If your heart is set on going to one of the greatest casinos in the world, then there are probably better places to go now.    It’s still got great atmosphere at the tables certainly better than anything you’ll get with https://www.playonline-roulette.com/.

If you want a unique South African experience, then Sun City is your kind of place.

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