A Basic Introduction to Some Roulette tactics

Albert Einstein said once, “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” Since its introduction, players have tried to devise tactics for winning at roulette and that is the basis for many of the posts here on – https://www.playonline-roulette.com/. Including the many variations of Martingale strategy have been used so far. However, no strategy has yet proved to be effective. According to probabilistic statistics, no strategy can ever beat the house advantage.

Tactics for Roulette

Tactics for Roulette

However, there are some tactics which can help a player to minimize the losses and maximize the odds of winning.   These tactics can be very effective and although they don’t guarantee to show you  how to win at a roulette table, they can definitely make you a better gambler.

A good example is from Andres Martinez, journalist and author has describes one such tactic in his book ‘24/7’. The method is to divide your session amount into 35 parts and bet on a specific number for 35 consecutive spins. If the number comes up within 35 spins the player will win back the original amount of money and can continue to play with house money. Nevertheless, in an American roulette with 38 pockets the probability of winning within 35 rounds is 60.68%.

There are some more roulette tactics which can be pretty much effective.

Place your bet on Red only:

For a specific number of spins, placing the bet on red or any other even money bets can be a good tactic. For example, if you place your bet on red for 38 consecutive rounds, the probability of the ball landing on red each time is 47.37%. Moreover, if you apply standard normal distribution, you will see some surprising probability rates.  The probability that the ball will land on red at least ten times among 38 spins is 99%. There is 83% probability that the ball will land on red at least 15 times. And 50% probability that 18 times it will be red. To reach the break even point winning 19 spins are required. However, the chance of winning increases a little bit when you play in a European roulette as it has one 0 less than American roulette.

Multiple Bets: 

This tactic is a combination of the ‘red’ strategy and Martingale system. The catch is you have to bet on either ‘red and odd’ or ‘black and even’. Consider each bet as a separate event. If you lose in a spin, double the initial amount. If you win than go back to the start and place the initial amount of bets again. This tactic requires you to play for a long time and obviously you will need a pretty handsome amount of money. In the long run, you may even lose money. But sometimes it works.

Bet on Dozens:

You can apply this roulette tactic in two ways- either places your bets on single dozens or on double dozens. In single dozen versions, start from the minimum amount possible placed on one dozen. For double dozen version places you bet on two dozens, as the name suggests. However the amount of betting should be half of the amount you use on single dozen bet. Whatever roulette tactics you use, always keep it in mind that the house has the advantage in every condition. It’s simply unbeatable always remember that when you play roulette especially online. So do not count on any roulette tactic for sure. However, applying roulette tactics will help you to better understand the mechanism of this game.

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