Deuces Wild Video Poker

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no doubt that Deuces Wild Video Poker has a lot of fans in the real casinos.  Well now you can play it online too, here’s a neat little version which has all the essential features of Deuces Wild.

There’s not much to tell really, hands are valued by traditional poker rules and the bets paid out as per the table.   The odds paid depend on the bet you place, which can be from one to five coins.  There is only one slight modification to standard Poker rules in that Deuces are wild.

To play you just bet from one to five coins and then press Deal.    Your hand is dealt and you then have the chance to hold selected cards and change the others.   In this version your hand is ranked automatically and you’re paid according to the odds and your initial stake.

Double Up Chance

One feature of Deuces Wild Video Poker, is the double  feature.  If you win you get the chance to Double your winnings by trying to draw a higher card than the dealer.
That’s all there is really, a fun little game to while away a few hours.  Enjoy……..

If you’d like to play Deuces Wild for real money then you can Play Here

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