Best Roulette Hotels in Vegas – The Venetian

If you’ve ever waned to go to Italy, but couldn’t afford it, then you can find other Venetian hotels that might be a great substitute. Located on the Las Vegas strip, The Venetian is a five-diamond resort hotel. The hotel is styled to look like you are staying in Italy. If you were actually staying in Italy, a hotel like this would cost you thousands of dollars.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

The Venetian – Courtesy of Allie Caulfield

As it is, The Venetian will cost you anywhere from $100 to $700 depending on the room and the time of year you decide to go. While the resort tries to emulate Italy, it is also within walking distance of all the other Las Vegas strip attractions. So, you can go enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer, and then come home to your Italian paradise.
Let’s talk about gambling. People come to Las Vegas for a lot of reasons, but one of the major reasons is to gamble. The Venetian takes this into account. They offer guests some of the finest and most elaborate gaming rooms in the city. Their poker room is giant. It is also very elegant. So, while other hotels might be shying away from the exquisite gambling, The Venetian embraces it.

The poker room is just the beginning of what The Venetian hotel has to offer in terms of gambling. The 120,000 square foot casino has just about every kind of game you could imagine. So, if you’re coming to Las Vegas for gambling, and would like an Italian twist to the environment, then The Venetian casino is a great place to visit.
There are other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. The Venetian has these as well. For instance, if you are coming for business, this hotel provides many meeting spaces. In fact, they have 1.9 million square feet of meeting spaces available. If you need catering done during this meeting trip, The Venetian offers some of the best catering on the strip.

Now, if you’re coming to Las Vegas on vacation, then you won’t be interested in catering. What you’ll be interested in are restaurants. Well, The Venetian has 19 of them. So, you’ll have options. You can get a quick cheap meal at a casual restaurant, or you can have a fine dining experience at one of the nicer places.   One of the hallmarks of The Venetian is the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. This is much more than just a salon. It is also fitness center with a rock climbing wall. If you’ve ever had a great experience at a hotel spa, then get ready to have that experienced topped by this place.

As you can tell, The Venetian is quite a hotel.  I always think it’s great that these hotels even create the impression that they’re outdoors, the effect is great hear and int the Parisian hotel.  So if you make a few bucks on internet roulette or caribbean stud poker online then treat yourself to a trip, it’s an amazing place.  If Italian is your thing, then this is the place in Las Vegas to stay. Las Vegas is becoming more and more specialized to meet the desires of everyone. It’s nice to know that Italian desires are met so well. I hope that you will enjoy your stay at The Venetian the next time you go to Las Vegas.

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