The Best of Las Vegas: The Luxor Hotel

The Luxor isn’t the newest hotel on the strip.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they blew it up to make room for a fancier place.  Still, their prices are very reasonable, and compared with the other hotels surrounding it, they’re amazing.  They offer their patrons a lot, and have one of the most unique looks out there.  All in all, it’s a great place to stay.  You just need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

With rooms as low as $40, the Luxor is one of the least expensive hotels on the strip.  While you won’t be staying in one of the hip new hotels, or even in an over extravagant one, you will be saving your money.  Plus, you will be in walking distance of most of the mainstays in Las Vegas.  If you aren’t loaded with cash, it just makes sense to stay here.

The Luxor Hotel Vegas

Photo By Steve Cadman

The Luxor is very noticeable.  It is the hotel that looks like a pyramid shooting a  laser beam out of the top.
Like most hotels in Las Vegas, they have shows.  Many people come to Las Vegas for just the shows.  The Luxor seems to have the market on inexpensive.  Their shows are some of the least expensive in Las Vegas.  They offer deals to see two shows for $75 dollars.  Other shows in Las Vegas can cost twice that for just one.

The Luxor Hotel has a vast array of restaurants.  You can choose between fine dining and casual dining.  Both options have the potential to hit the spot.
Remember, the age of a hotel really doesn’t have that much to do with how good the food is going to be.  In fact, sometimes the older restaurants can be a little better at cooking.  So, if food is your fancy, don’t count out The Luxor.

Some people can’t go too long without a spa visit.  Fortunately, The Luxor has one.  The Nurture Spa and Salon has everything that you would suspect out of a spa or a salan.  They just pack it all nicely into one place.

Now, what’s a hotel in Las Vegas without gambling?  While more and more people are coming to the city for other reasons, gambling is still a top priority.  Because The Luxor is located on the strip, you will have access to all the other casinos in Las Vegas.

You can choose to use The Luxor as a place to sleep, an go elsewhere for your gambling needs.  There are other hotels that have nicer casinos.  Still, The Luxor does brandish a very fine casino in its own right.  If you don’t feel like walking too far, then you can enjoy this place.

Now, you will still have to walk a little to get to this casino.  This is the one complaint that I have heard people have with The Luxor.  The casino isn’t super close to the rooms.  So, you should expect on walking a little to get to the casino.  I hope that you have enjoyed the review of The Luxor.

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