Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth it?

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There are many, many  ‘get rich’ quick schemes relating to online gambling.  Unfortunately the vast majority of them are completely useless and usually designed to get other people rich.   For newcomers to the online casino scene, one very alluring option is the huge bonuses that online casinos seem to offer in return for a modest deposit.

are online casino bonuses worth it

You’ve probably seen them things like 500% bonus when you deposit $100 or 3 times deposit bonuses for all new players.  Sometimes they’re even more ridiculous than that, promises of free money to anyone who simply starts playing.   It sounds too good to be true and of course if you’re over 12 years old you’ll realise that it probably is.   However please remember when you see websites promoting casino bonus bagging, what they’re normally trying to do is steer you towards a certain casino for the commission payments they will earn.

So Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth it?

Well of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bonus when you start playing at a new online casino.  In fact virtually every casino offers something, however what you need to remember that it isn’t real money they’re offering.   You can’t deposit $100 and then cash it all in with the huge bonus straight after, there’s a catch and it’s a big one.

It’s called wagering requirements and you’ll should find them detailed on the casinos website, close to the bonus offer.  Somewhere you should see this specified usually in the form of a number and an ‘x’ – for example one of my favorite online casinos is called Betfair and if you click on their bonus page here , you’ll see that the wagering requirement is 45x.

Basically this means that any bonus payment must be played 45 times before it can be cashed in.  So if you’ve deposited £100 and received a matching bonus of £100 you must effectively stake 45x£100 = £4500 before that cash becomes yours to withdraw.

Game Restrictions

Now if that doesn’t sound bad enough, you’ll also find a series of game restrictions which will probably also apply to these bonuses.  You might find perhaps that roulette doesn’t apply, or specific games where it’s easier to place these bets at low odds.  Sometimes only a percentage of the stake applies in specific games making the wagering requirement multiple much higher.

One of the most popular games to be excluded in these wagering requirement is actually blackjack, which of course has one of the lowest house advantages.   The beauty of Blackjack is that if you follow a some basic rules and strategies you actually have a very decent chance of winning or at least coming out close to even.  In fact a professional blackjack player, has a very good chance of a risk free casino bonus if they’re allowed to wager on the blackjack table.  Which is why of course, that most don’t count Blackjack when considering casino bonuses.

If you do find a reputable casino that does allow blackjack you’ve found one of the few chances of how to make money from online casino bonuses.  But again be very careful about which casino offers it, there’s likely to be a catch as the fair casinos won’t let you do this normally.

The reality is that most casino bonuses are actually worth very little. You have to gamble them so often that it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to withdraw them directly. It would take a very luck streak to be able to cash out the bonus and your deposit without having to spend much more money.   People keep talking about using a casino bonus strategy but there’s never much sense behind them.   They’re a bonus, an added extra don’t let them be the sole reason you choose a place to gamble – secure site, reputable company and decent support are much more important.

Also remember these terms and conditions can be virtually anything, and you’ll find the more generous the bonus the more complicated and difficult the wagering requirements rendering them virtually worthless. It’s good advice to never select an online casino based on these bonuses, the legitimate casinos will keep them realistic and fairly low. Whereas the sky-high ones have no intention of ever letting you cash out anyway so it doesn’t matter how high they are.

You will notice that all the large reputable online casino companies will all offer relatively modest bonuses. However that’s because they do pay out and have to ensure that the offer isn’t too generous. If you’re looking between a couple of big names then it’s probably worth thinking about the bonus as a deciding but it should never be an important factor.

Here’s a couple of my favorite casinos and their respective bonus pages, all huge international companies as to be honest it’s not worth the risk playing with any other sort of online casino.

BetfairGreat casino and operates world’s largest betting exchange.

Bodog – one of the world’s largest gaming companies, operating largely across Canada and EU, known for their poker especially – click here for bonus details.

Bovada – the oldest and most reputable gambling company which accepts US customers. This is largely due to various National and State laws. Bovada is a well respected US Sports site too.

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  1. Sauber

    Thanks for this, people believe it. They offer ridiculous bonus offers because they have no intention of paying out, always google the name of the casino you’re considering. Stick with the big multi million brands, they won’t cheat you – they don’t have to they’ll win fairly!!

    1:24 pm on 7/21/17

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