The 1326 System for Roulette Games Explained for Beginners

How to Use the 1326 System

The 1326 system of roulette is a variation of the Paroli or Reverse Martingale systems of roulette. This betting system is a positive progression system, and it’s designed to accelerate your winnings especially on a short run. Unlike the Paroli system, however, its designed to accelerate your winnings over a four number winning streak.   As always, please remember that like all gambling systems it’s merely a tool and provides no guarantees that any bet wins.     It can be very successful but there’s no gambling system that never loses, unfortunately!

It should also be noted that although technically it could be used for any sort of bet, it is designed for even money bets really.  It won’t work very well placing on single numbers on the roulette wheel.  So you’d look for odd/even or red/black type bets to use this system properly.  We’re looking at roulette here, but you can use it in any other sort of game – the 1-3-2-6 system is also often used for Baccarat for example.

Although most of these systems are fairly simple to use, they take a little practice to master completely.  It’s advised to test them out first, so you can follow the system and no what to bid after a bet wins or when a bet loses.  The best place to test is to use any of the online casino’s free or demo games, you’ll normally find them in the lobby.  You can try out any betting system here without risking real cash.   You can find a trusted online casino near you by clicking the link below – it will be redirected based on your current location.

Bovada is the largest online casino in the USA, you will be redirected to a similar sized casino if it’s not accessible for you. Be careful with any free or demo casino games as they are sometimes programmed to be a little more generous than when real cash in involved though – it’s called game weighting.  So please bear that in mind when you place your first money bet.

The other alternative is to setup a real account and use any bonuses given to test your systems, again bear in mind that there may be quite a strict wagering requirement on any bonus amount or bonus bets though.

Understanding the Basics of the 1326 System

Think of the system in terms of units. As you can deduce from the system’s name, you’re going to bet 1 unit, then 3 units, then 2 units on the third bet, then 6 units on your fourth bet. Let’s work this out using a $1 bet as our basic unit and we’ll bet on red/black.

For the first bet, you’re going to bet $1. On a winning streak of four numbers, you’d bet $1, $3, $2, and $6. If you lose, at any point, you go back to the beginning of the progression for your next bet. If your starting bet, or starting unit, were $3, on a winning streak you would bet $3, $9, $6, and $18. It’s fairly simple arithmetic.

1326 System for roulette

The 1326 Designed to Maximize Winning Streaks

The upside of this is that, if you’re on a winning streak, you can accelerate your winnings relatively quickly. The downside? It’s possible to completely wipe out your profits on a single bet. This system is a little better than the Paroli in that respect, however, because the staggered progression locks in profits, or at least attempts to, with each go.

There’s another downside to this 1326 system of roulette, too. Since it’s a positive progression, it’s harder to climb back out of the hole on a streak of losses. It’s very easy to hit the table limit and then be stuck holding the – empty – money bag.

Let’s look at our second example, using the $3 bet/unit. If you lose the first spin, you’ve lost $3 to the house. If you win the first, but lose at the second level of the progression, you’re in the red. If you make it to the third level of the progression, you’ve gotten a profit. If you lose on the last bet, you’ve broken even.

It’s important to remember that this particular system is really just a betting strategy or management method.  In fact as mentioned earlier you could potentially apply this method to any form of gambling where there even money bets are available.   Potentially it could work well with something like horse racing or other sports betting where you choose appropriate odds (remember even money).  There’s loads of options in most online casinos, but best stay away from slots though.

Using the Roulette 1326 Betting System Modified

Most of these betting systems are usually designed for use with even money or outside bets.   The 1326 will certainly not work well with placing individual number bets for example, try it out on a free game and you’ll see how quickly you lose everything.  However many people have modified to use it with other games of chance in the casino.  There’s actually a 1326 blackjack betting system which many professional gamblers use, Blackjack is also one of the games with the lowest house edge in the casino.

Like any system of roulette, the 1326 roulette system cannot influence the odds at the roulette wheel. Chance will always have its say in where the ball lands. Whatever game you play, no system can modify those odds.  Built into the odds is an advantage called the house edge, which ensures that in the long run even when using any system they will win.   However luck can push these odds one way or an other and of course many people do very well using these sort of systems.

All roulette games have a negative expectation simply because the house has an advantage in any game.   Even if you play red/black on a roulette wheel, the house has the zero to stack the odds in it’s favour.  What’s more if you foolishly try and play on an American roulette wheel it will have an even bigger advantage as there’s an extra zero on the wheel!

You should play for fun, and always keep your budget firmly in mind as always when playing any gambling game.  By all means use something like the 1326 betting system or another of the many best gambling system you’ll find online.   But use them for that – just to manage how you bet and  don’t expect anything else from it.

There are many of these different tactics or betting systems available online.   Most of them are available for free, there’s lots of decent websites which cover all sorts of gambling system reviews.   None though, are worth paying money for.  If you do pay for any such gambling method, it will almost certainly end up being some sort of variant of the martingale system anyway !  Enjoy the game, don’t buy into ‘special systems’ and good luck.

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