A Random RNG Spin of the Slots

Whenever you play any sort of electronic slot game whether in a casino or online, then you’re effectively just playing against a mini-computer. At the core of this computer and all gambling games is the RNG or Random Number Generator which determines the entire game experience. Each game is no longer fixed into a specific set of pay-out odds like the fruit machines of old, the game manufacturer can vary all aspects and odds of the game. The actual reels on an old style slot machine where a key component of the odds of a machine, nowadays they are fairly irrelevant and only there for show.


Most electronic slots now have ‘virtual reels’ so the reels you see are not those which are actually in play, they are just for show. Groups of numbers are assigned to the virtual reel combinations and the RNG will constantly cycle through these virtual reels sometimes as many as hundreds of times a second.

When you click the spin button, or click with your mouse the computer program will determine which set of numbers (or which reels) are selected at that precise point. There are thousands of these combinations and some obviously match payouts, and others non-paying combinations. The RNG will instantly determine what is going to happen and then spins the reels for you to watch, the outcome is already determined.

What you watch after the button is pressed actually has nothing to do with the result. Obviously just instantly allowing the combination to line up would be kinda boring which is why you’ll see the reels spin and all the flashing, beeping and spinning that takes place. These machines are now in reality little more than picking a lucky number and pressing a button, all the results are listed and you just select one based on the timing of your button press.

Of course there are far more losing combinations than winning ones which explains why the machine can be completely random but still almost guaranteed to produce a profit for the machine owners.

It’s an important point to remember, the outcomes are already listed and it doesn’t matter how you select the outcome. IN reality the reels, buttons and games are irrelevant, they are merely a facade to picking a combination using a random number generator. Whether you pick this by pushing a button, clicking a graphic or pulling the arm of a machine, doesn’t matter – it’s simply an event at which the machine can pick an outcome.

The good bit about this is that these machines are not as predictable as the older slot machines which would go completely dead after a big payout. The events are fairly independent and are based on the long term outcomes of the machines selections.  It’s important to remember that tactics and techniques have virtually no impact on the result, there are no best roulette bets on a RNG run electronic slot machine.

This means that the expected probabilities of the machine will be realised in the long term as long as the random number generator is actually random. The results over millions of spins will guarantee a profit, the amounts will only be known by the owner and not the player. So before you sit down to a marathon session in front of your favorite slot machines, remember that there is a mathematical expected result already determined and it’s not you winning.

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