En Prison Roulette Rule

If you ever come across the En Prison Roulette rule at a casino, well you’re in luck. In fact a surprising number of roulette tables play this rule, which greatly improves the odds of you winning particularly if your strategy focuses on outside bets. The en prison rule is very similar to the surrender rule which is covered elsewhere on this site.

En Prison is Played in Monte carlo

En Prison is Played in Monte carlo

Basically if you make an even money bet such as red/black or odd/even and the ball lands on the zero slot then you don’t automatically lose your stake. Instead the ball is considered – ‘en prison’ and is locked until the next spin of the roulette wheel.

Your stake is left where it is and if it wins on the next spin then your stake is returned (without any potential winnings), if the bet loses then you lose your stake. If another zero comes up then, the ball remains ‘en prison’ until there is a non-zero spin.

So just to summarize – when En prison rule is played, if a zero comes up then all even money bets are held over to the next spin. The fate of your stake is determined by that spin.

  • If your bet wins, then you get your stake back without any winnings.
  • If your bet loses then you lose your stake.
  • If another ‘0’ is spun then the stake remains on the table again.

So what does en prison actually mean to the odds you receive when playing roulette? Well it’s actually quite beneficial and turns roulette into one of the best bets in a casino. It actually cuts the house edge from 2.7% down to quite a low 1.35%.

It’s quite easy to play in fact unless the roulette table also offers the surrender rule you don’t have to do anything. The croupier will hold your stake by putting a little marker on it and either return it or take it on the next spin. Remember to retrieve it if you win and don’t want to let it ride on the same bet. Hope this post is useful to someone, somewhere who also enjoys playing roulette just like myself !

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