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Someone asked me for a table of the Roulette odds for simple bets when placed in the UK.   This is actually quite simple, in fact much simpler than trying to get a table into a wordpress blog !  Anyway here’s the odds for the UK, all the UK casinos online and offline use European wheels so the odds are based on a single zero on the wheel.

Simple BetProbabilities(Odds) European RoulettePayout (Multiply Stake)
Straight Up1/37=2.70%35 to 1
Split Bet2/37=5.40%17 to 1
Street Bet3/37=8.10%11 to 1
Corner Bet4/37=10.81%8 to 1
Line Bet6/37=16.21%5 to 1
Column Bet12/27=32.43%2 to 1
Dozen Bet12/37=32.43%2 to 1
Color Bet18/37=48.64%1 to 1
Even or Odd Bet18/37=48.64%1 to 1
High/Low Bet18/37=48.64%1 to 1

Hopefully this will illustrate quite easily the roulette odds of winning for these simple bets. I’ll post another table up with the odds when you play on American Roulette which has a second zero. Although I should point out that if you’re playing roulette online you should never play on an American wheel as the house edge is greater.

Having said that it doesn’t alter the odds that much so if you’ve got a lucky casino which uses an American wheel it might just balance out. Hope this simple table helps with your roulette strategies, it’s perfect for asessing systems to like Law of the Third or Martingale.  Remember to never lose sight of these odds, any system is reliant on the simple mathematical probabilities underlying this wonderful game.

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