How to Play Roulette – Part One

It might look intimidating at a casino, but roulette is actually an extremely simple and easy to learn game. It offers lots of variety in bets and combinations of bets – which can be adapted to suit your betting style. The roulette wheel has 36 numbers from 1-36 plus a 0, in American roulette however there is a 38th number ’00’.

That extra 0 in American roulette, alters the odds quite significantly in the houses favour on even money bets in paprticular. You are best playing European roulette if you have the choice and when you play online roulette you always have that choice.

Each player places bets on numbers or groups of numbers, the idea is to predict either the actual number or one of the properties of that number – e.g. odd/even, black/red size or place on the roulette wheel.

Every game consists simply of placing your bets, spinning the wheel then paying out in the results. In a real casino the number is randomly generated by spinning a ball on the roulette disk which is spun in the opposite direction. In an ordinary online casino, this number is generated by the softwares – Random Number Generator (RNG)

The betting table is designed to allow players to place many different bets on each spin of the wheel. When most players have completed placing their bets the white ball is spun on the roulette wheel, you can still place bets intil the ball is ready to fall from the track and onto the spinning wheel. The dealer will warn you by calling – ‘no more bets’

When the ball comes to rest on a particular number, a marker is placed on the roulette table to inidcate the winning number, all bets are then paid out according to the outcome. For winning bets the stake is returned plus the winning amount dependent on the multiple to that bet. All lost bets are removed from the table.

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