Casino Tips and Tricks

Remember when you walk into a casino it may seem that the company is doing everything to help you. Certainly most of the successful casinos have some of the highest standards of customer service anywhere. But when there is something else to remember when you’re being offered your third free drink, or some cut price accommodation – and that’s that everything they do is really designed to extract the maximum amount of money from your wallet!

It might seem obvious but sometimes people forget this very simple fact. The casinos are very good at taking money from your bank account and putting it in theirs and just about everything they do has this end goal in sight.

Some Casino Tips and Tricks

Cash Machines and ATMs
You’ll find loads of these in most modern casinos, placed carefully so that you can quickly just get an extra couple of hundred dollars out. If you’re sensible you’ll have decided on your bankroll, but the temptation of these machines is very high when you’re convinced that your losing streak is just about to finish, or you have a great feeling about some table. Do yourself a favor leave your cash card at home and stick with the bankroll you decided on. Remember the casino want you take more money out because they expect you to lose.

Free Drinks

Great idea this, if you’re actively playing you can usually get free drinks. Many people who spend time in casinos see this as a great perk and a great advantage to gambling in a real casino as opposed to just playing online roulette. But again a little common sense will see that the casino knows that a few free drinks is never going to do any harm to their bank balance. There’s probably nothing quite like it for affecting both your judgement and worse the self control required to do well in casinos. Every gambler will end up paying through the nose for their drinks, a casino is possibly one of the worst places you can think of to get drunk ! Leave the Gin and Tonics for after you’ve finished playing, they may not be free in the bar but they’ll cost you a lot less overall.

Little Plastic Chips

This is another of the essential casino tips to try and get into your mind. Try and equate the chips with real money, when you look at a $50 chip try and think about the real stack of cash it represents – it will make you think twice about sticking a small plastic disk on a single number spin. The casinos tactic is exactly the opposite to try and break the link between the little chips and real money. Don’t devalue the chips, they can be instantly turned back into cold hard cash at the nearest cashiers booth. If you’re down to your last few chips don’t automatically gamble them away, just to get rid of them – you would be much more careful with your last few bucks.
Never forget what those little chips represent, because that’s exactly what the casino wants you to do.

Take a Break

Casinos are designed to insulate you from the real world. Its easy to lose a connection with the rest of the world and lose track of time. You’ll never see lots of clocks or windows in a casino, in fact you’d be hard-pushed to find out whether it’s night or day in most big casinos. Remember gambling is a fun activity it shouldn’t take over your life, always take some breaks and try and take a breath of fresh air occasionally to clear your head. You might remember that you haven’t eaten or slept for ages !

It’s an exciting, intoxicating world and it’s easy to immerse yourself completely in the lights and excitement. We hope you’ve enjoyed the casino tips and tricks, make sure you enjoy your experience and gamble sensibly.

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