Online Casino News UK – Corona Virus Update

The Coronavirus has of course changed virtually all our lives, however there’s many hidden dangers that are becoming increasingly concerning to many experts too.

One report in the UK press for example has highlighted a huge spike in interest in online casino. This has been identified by search interest hitting an all time high in the United Kingdom since the country entered lock down.

Online Casino News UK

This graph illustrates that interest in playing in online casinos has risen significantly over the beginning of the year.  However interestingly this appears to have happened prior to lock down in the United Kingdom as well.

Overall the amount being gambled has fallen significantly however that’s largely due to the lack of sporting events and closure of physical bookmakers.  It seems that a decent proportion of this market has moved online towards less event dependent activities like slots and roulette games.   Also there’s an increasing number of eSports options which prediction systems like ZCode are heavily promoting as a potential source of income.

Online Casino News UK

Is the virus changing gambling in the United Kingdom? Of course, gambling online has always been more convenient, there’s no membership fees, travel or other restrictions. The only real block is having a decent internet connection plus local rules and regulations. Although people generally can bypass these fairly easily if they want by using something like a VPN to cloak their IP address.

When people are bored and restricted to their home address, obviously most entertainment options are pretty much inaccessible. Gambling is something that translates online very easily and you can be sure that the market will be seeking to capitalize on this opportunity. Charities like GamCare though are extremely concerned that this will lead to an increase in problem gambling. For most of us gambling is merely form of entertainment but for others it can lead to huge problems. Anna Hemmings the chief executive of GamCare was quoted that there was a ‘concerning context for people at risk’ Furthermore that Covid-19 could end up with many more addicted gamblers due to issues such as financial distress, isolation and just plain boredom.

Yet there are some more inspirational stories about including one from the UK where a windows and door salesman called Josh Spurling who won a fortune on his favorite online casinos.

He’s apparently become bored with the lockdown and decided to try his luck on some of the online roulette games which you can find at Bodog and other casinos.  The 26-year-old scooped £294,000 on an online slot machine game and more than £110,000 on a roulette game a week later.  He’s decided now to give up online gambling as he feels that he’s had his lucky streak.



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