Watch the Rain Man Casino Scene at Caesar’s Palace

It’s now over 30 years old, which is particularly worrying if you went to see it when it was first released. It remains though one of the most iconic and enjoyable films based around a casino.

rain man casino scene

Rain Man is now safely established as a classic. It tells the story of Charlie Babbit (Tom Cruise) and his brother Raymond Babbit (Dustin Hoffman). Charlie learns that his estranged father has dies and left most of his money to his autistic brother.

The brothers had previously never met but when Charlie discovers that Raymond is actually an autistic savant with an amazing memory, he hatches a plan to take Raymond to Las Vegas to win a fortune counting cards.  The clip below takes on several memorable scenes – discovery of Raymond’s amazing card counting skills, the trip to Vegas including the brilliant Casino escalator scene. Plus of course the bit all of us gamblers enjoy when they start ripping through the Blackjack tables making a fortune!

Rain Man 16 December 1988 Director: Barry Levinson Cast: Dustin Hoffman Tom Cruise Valeria Golino Music: Hans Zimmer – Vegas/End Credits

Because I now find Tom Cruise so bloody annoying with all his idiotic Scientology talk, I forget how good this film is. The scene in the Casino is probably one of the best I think.  I enjoyed when they start to play and Charlie is worried that Raymond is picking the smartest bets.

What many people don’t realise is that amazingly, Dustin Hoffman’s character is actually based on a real person – Kim Peek.  The screenwriter Barry Morrow met the megasavant at a conference to support people with mental disabilities.  Dustin Peek wasn’t actually autistic but had a rare genetic condition called FG Syndrome (FGS), named after the initials of the first identified patients with the condition. Although for much of his life he was diagnosed incorrectly with Autism.  Just like the character in the film Dustin Peek had an incredible memory, he could read a book in an hour and recall almost everything after.

When Rain Man became an incredible success winning four Oscars and grossing the highest take of any US film of that year – Peek gained a new career.  He toured extensively making public appearances as the ‘real rain man’ and  demonstrating amazing memory feats.   He also took with him the Oscar statuette given to him by Morrow to use at his events.   Sadly he had many medical issues related to FGS and died at the age of 58  in 2009.

Which Casino Was Rain Man Filmed in?

The casino scene in Rain Nman was actually filmed on location at the iconic Caesar’s Palace. It was one of the first major films to be shot there although this has been followed by many more in later years. The Hangover, Iron Man and the Big Short have all been filmed at this famous Vegas casino. There have been other short clips filmed there even earlier, including Robert Redford who rode a horse through the casino in The Electric Horseman in the 1970s.

The suite the brothers stayed in after winning at the casino is called The Emperor’s suite.  It’s situated in the Forum Tower and is now actually more often referred to as the Rain Man Suite.

Here’s another great scene filmed in the Rain Man suite where Charlie teaches Raymond how to dance.

Of course nowadays they wouldn’t have to bother with all the Vegas stuff, Charlie could have just bought a dozen laptops, signed up with a dozen online casinos with a load of bonuses.   Then  Raymond could have won a fortune online without ever leaving his apartment.  Not sure the film would have been as good though !

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