Play Free Online Rummy – 3 Card Vegas Version

For rummy players, probably the best version available in the online casinos is the 3 card Vegas version. It’s a little different from normal 3 Card Rummy, but it’s great fun and actually quite a good gambling game. Here’s a free online Rummy game called 3 Card Vegas, you’ll find a summary of the rules below if you need them.

If you want to play for real money (and it’s a very good game to play for money with a low house edge)  — For UK and EU here and US players here – remember to check for the bonus before  you sign up.


The Vegas version of Three Card Rummy is played with just two players, the dealer and the player using a single 52 card deck. Both the player and the Dealer is dealt three cards. The players cards are placed faced up and the dealers are left facing down.

The Aim is simply to get less points than the dealer.

 Here are the points that are applied to both hands.

Three Card Rummy – Vegas Version Scores

2 Through 10Face Value
Jack, Queen and King10 Points
Aces1 Point
Any Pair0 Points
Any Triple0 Points
Two Card Suit Run0 Points
Three Card Suit Run0 Points

When  there are multiple choices available then the combination that allows the lowest possible score will be used to determine the result.

The Ante Bet

When an ante Bet has been placed, the player is dealt three cards facing up and the dealer is dealt three down facing cards. At this point the player must make a decision, if the player thinks that they cannot beat the dealer they can simply fold and forfeit the Ante bet.

If the player believes they can win then they MUST raise with a bet equal to the Ante amount.  As soon as the raise has been applied then the Dealer’s cards will be turned over.   The hand must first be assessed to see if it qualifies, for this the hand must contain 20 points or less.  Then the Dealer’s hand is compared to the Player’s hand – the winner will be the hand which has  the lowest total.



The Bonus Bet

There’s more ways to maximise your winnings, using the bonus bet.  It’s basically won if the Player’s hand contains a total of 12 point or less.  This bet is completely independent of the Dealer’s hand, it is simply assessed on the points total of the hand that is dealt.  If you bet on the Ante and fold, you will also lose your Bonus bet – the payouts are as below.

Vegas Rummy Bonus Bet Payouts

I like Three Card Rummy a lot, so give our free online rummy game a chance and see if you like it too.


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