Best Casinos in Moscow – The Casino Metropol

Forbes magazine recently did a piece on the World’s best casinos. Included are all of the casinos that you have heard of before. One of the surprising entries is the lesser known Casino Metropol which is inside of the Hotel Metropol in Moscow, Russia.

There are a lot of casinos in Moscow. What separates the Casino Metropol from the rest is that it is the most luxurious. It is a 24-hour casino. It is a small casino, especially in comparison with the rest of the casinos on Forbes’s list. It only has 11 tables.

You have the usual games to choose from. They offer blackjack, roulette, and poker. With only 11 tables they really can’t offer much more than that. Still, it’s enough to get your gambling fix in and the overall experience is worth a lot more.  They’ve currently got a 25 dollar minimum stake though, so you probably won’t do that much gambling anyway.

Not the Biggest but the Best Casinos in Moscow

Like I said, the Casino Metropol is part of the Hotel Metropol. This hotel has some history. It was originally built from 1899 to 1907. It is a very good looking building that is worth visiting for only its looks. Also, it is located within minutes of some of the most famous places in Moscow. Best Casinos in Moscow

The hotel has 365 rooms. The unique thing about the hotel is that each of the rooms is different. They are all shaped differently from each other, and are also decorated in unique ways. This is very different from many other hotels. Most hotels will have rooms that look exactly like each other.

Savva Mamontov financed the building of the hotel and hired the famous William Walcot to design it. Walcot was an architect from Britain. Eventually, he would be known as one of the greatest architectural draftsmen in London. Still, his most famous work is the Casino Metropol.

So, if you are visiting Moscow and need a place to gamble, then this casino will fit the bill. On the other hand, is it worth coming to Moscow just to visit this casino?  Probably not just for the gambling.

What you have to realize is that this is a very small casino. 11 tables is an incredibly small amount of tables. The Borgota, another world renowned casino, has more than 85 poker tables. That’s almost eight times as many tables as the Casino Metropol has total.  If you’ve ever visited Vegas, you’ll also be surprised at the scale. So, you kind of get the idea how small this casino is.  Yet it’s not just about the tables, indeed scaling this place up would almost seem sort of vulgar, there’s an exclusive feel here which you’ll never get at the Luxor !

Casino Metropol

While it is very luxurious, you should understand that this isn’t really a place to visit if you are only coming for the casino. It’s just too small. Still, if you are serious about visiting all of the best casinos in the world, then you will have to make a stop at the Casino Metropol. It should prove to be a pretty nice experience.

Forbes magazine may have shined a little more light onto a casino that has hidden within a hotel. The Casino Metropol is now being searched for more and more on the internet. If it starts getting more popular, then they might have to add a couple tables to accommodate all the new guests.

Although if you are on a budget, it’s probably not the place to come, Moscow and this hotel are very expensive. If you want to budget it’s better to save your cash and perhaps read this article and play roulette online, not quite as nice as an evening in the Casino Metropol though!

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