Bellagio Robbery – Not the Cleverest Crime?

Somebody thought long and hard about this crime, perhaps maybe they’d just watched Oceans 11 and came up with a simpler plan. You’d have to put odds on a low IQ of this guy though. If you haven’t heard about it, a daring robbery took place at the Bellagio Casino in Vegas this week. Someone strolled up to a Craps croupier and threatened them with a gun, before running off with $1.5 million in high value chips.

You can see the CCTV footage of the Bellagio robbery here –

Now it’s all very daring but I wonder what on earth they are going to do with the chips. They are only valid one place and one place only – the erm Bellagio and I’m rather sure that returning to the scene of the crime to cash them is not a clever move. Selling Belaggio high value chips in local Vegas bars is slightly risky as well.

Perhaps the thief is cleverer than he seems and has some master plan up his sleeve, however I strongly suspect not. At least he didn’t hurt anyone – but is it really that easy to get into a Vegas Casino with a gun whilst wearing a motorcycle helmet ?

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