The 5 Spin Roulette Progression System

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Most roulette systems, such as the Martingale System, are called roulette progression systems.  Some of them are actually very aggressive methods of gambling especially at roulette. Because of their aggression, it’s possible to get into trouble very, very quickly.  Even with a huge bankroll you can also hit the table limits very quickly, and not be able to regain your losses with a single spin, a concept that’s at the heart of many progression systems.

The 5 Spin system is a progression system, but it’s not as aggressive as some others, so you will hopefully spend more time at the table winning.   It’s also often known as the 5 Number Roulette Progression system if you come across this version.

Roulette Progression System

Rule of 5 Roulette System

5 Spins the Cautious Roulette Progression System

In this roulette strategy,  you will play, as you guessed, 5 numbers. Increase your bet by one unit on those numbers if, after 5 spins, you’ve not won. Decrease all your bets by one unit after any win.

However doing this straight away can be risky so what this system proposes is to watch the table for a while.  Not too relax but to gain valuable roulette spin data.  This is relatively easy to do in most casinos, just stand back until you’re ready to play.  If you think it’s not of value then perhaps a quick read about Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, who did pretty much the same thing and made a fortune.  He though used his own system after determining a bias on certain wheels.

Of course the easiest place to relax and build up some data is from your own home, and to use one of the live online casinos you can find at the larger companies.

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So the reason you need to watch a while first is to check out the winning roulette numbers which come up on a particular wheel.  You’re going to need to place your wagers on numbers that haven’t come up in a while. These are called sleeper numbers. You’re going to have to have some “pre-spins”, and keep a record of the numbers that come up, before you can begin using this system.

The idea is to maximise your chances by picking numbers that are due.  Of course, mathematicians will tell you (perfectly correctly!) that each spin is independent and past events are irrelevant.  However anyone who plays this supposedly proven roulette system insist that using the sleeper numbers is essential to making it work.

Once you have your numbers, place your bets, and remember not to increase your bets until you’ve lost 5 spins in a row. You’ll continue to add one unit after every five losses in a row, and remove one unit after every win, until you either decide you’ve had enough, or you’ve naturally removed all your wagers from the table. Most gamblers go with the idea that it’s much more likely that you’ll win after 5 straight losing spins than lose again; however, chance just like love is blind and the roulette wheel doesn’t have a memory.

As with any gambling system, the last part of the above sentence is key; chance is blind and the roulette wheel doesn’t have a memory. No system in the world can change the odds. Be aware of your budget when you begin to gamble, and use a system to add some method to your betting – because that’s all it can do.  There are many other roulette betting systems and strategies listed on this website. Check out all the systems here as there are several other roulette progression systems and methods to try too.

Also important is to test the strategy and make sure you understand the systems, but don’t use real money to learn, use the free game software available on the best online casinos, but make sure it is a live casino and not a computer generated one, these systems don’t generally work well with the software controlled casinos.    My recommendation is start at the live casinos like Bodog or their partners which  you can find online, also sign up for the free games initially, where there’s no big downloads or lengthy registrations.    You can literally start playing in a few seconds in most of them, the beauty of this online casino is that it’s real. The games are actually happening in a casino somewhere and most importantly there’s a real wheel and dealer to work them not a computer program!   They are the perfect places to test out any roulette betting strategy without using real money.    It’s actually great fun especially when there’s a lot of people playing and the casino site is fairly full as you can even get a lot of the atmosphere as well.

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