The Whittaker System for Roulette

Like the Martingale System, the Whittaker System is, as you might have guessed from its name, a progression system. Using a pre-planned progression, you either increase or decrease your bets according to your wins or losses, going along the progression sequence.

You’re going to construct your sequence as follows: write a sequence of numbers (as in the Labouchere System). We’ll use a Fibonacci sequence: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13. Start off by betting one unit – $1. Bet $1 again. If you lose, you’ll bet $2. If you lose again, you’ll bet $5. If you win, at any point in the sequence, you’re going to cross off the last two numbers of your sequence – in this case, 13 and 8. Now, your next bet will be $5.

Like the Martingale, this system is one of negative progression. You’re going to increase bets when you lose, and decrease them when you win. In this manner, you will theoretically lock in your profits and recoup any losses with few spins. Something to remember: one losing spin can wipe your profits out in one fell swoop. Know when to call it quits.

You can play Whittaker in a real casino, but it’s best to practice first.  Online casinos are perfect for this, better still use the ‘free play’ section to practice.  You can get an idea of whether the system is something you enjoy playing without risking lots of real money.  There are advantages to playing a system, it adds some discipline to your play however many people find it does take some of the fun out of a roulette.  The Whittaker roulette system has no guarantees and like all progression systems can lead to some very big bets placed for minimal reward if you hit a bad streak.

Using the Whittaker System for Roulette

As with any roulette system, while the Whittaker Progression can help you add methodology to your bets, it cannot, in any way, influence the odds in your favor. Chance is chance. The roulette wheel has no memory at all, and doesn’t care what happened on the last spin any more than it cares what will happen on the next spin.

Whittaker System

Roulette Systems – Whittaker

Know what your loss limit it, and know what your profit goal is. Be ready to walk away from the table when you’ve reach either one, and remember: it’s a game. Play for entertainment, not for a living. Always keep your budget in mind, and keep it set in stone. You should be able to walk away from the tables with good memories, if not a profit.

Some may find that the enjoyment of the game of roulette is affected by sticking to a rigid progression system like the Whittaker Roulette System, but it is essential that you either follow these systems or not.   Sometimes when chance is conspiring against you this might feel difficult.  However if you have ever played a system like Whittaker with luck on your side it can feel like a license to print money.

All the below roulette games have free play modes which you can use to try out the Whittaker progressive system, or check out the free play areas on this site.

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