Betfair Launch Live Roulette Online Free Play

I think companies are slowly discovering what we want from our roulette games and it’s not some suspect casino software with a dodgy random number generator designed to relieve us of our cash as soon as possible!  No in an ideal world those of us who love roulette want to be in a real casino, preferably in a tuxedo on a massive winning streak in Monte Carlo or Vegas!

But unfortunately that isn’t always possible, so we play and gamble online but we still want fair play, random wheels and a decent chance of winning.  So I am pleased that one of my favorite betting companies Betfair have set up live roulette online free play tables for Baccarat, Blackjack, Sicbo and roulette.  I only generally play at a few sites now and Betfair is one of them mainly at their zero house edge tables which are the best odds online but a bit boring to be honest.

Betfair started primarily as a betting exchange, where you can make bets against other players – they also now have over 3 million registered players making them one of the biggest in the world. Apart from the Zero House Edge game though I found their casino software a bit dull.

Live Roulette Table

I haven’t tried their Live table yet but it’s good to see the bigger trusted companies enter the live roulette games.  It looks like a set of dedicated tables, not as good as just joining in the normal games at Dublinbet but at least you know it’s a proper wheel.

If you haven’t tried playing live roulette online it’s much more fun than the computer simulated ones. Hopefully the Betfair roulette games will match these and be another option for those of us who prefer a live roulette table with the big companies.

If you have trouble finding the zero edge tables keep looking they move them about and you may have to register.  As far as odds go there is nothing that comes close to these, which is why they perhaps don’t advertise them as much.  At the time of writing they are only available on the software driven games and not on the live roulette online free play section.

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