Which is the Best Roulette Gambling System

Roulette becomes one of the most popular gambling game after its innovation in France during mid-18th century. Since its beginning, many roulette gambling systems have been developed in order the give the players some advantage over the house. However, no roulette gambling system can guarantee the win. A system is useful in formulating a method of playing as a guideline for the player though not necessarily ensure that the player wins. A system is particularly useful and perhaps easier to follow when you play online roulette.

Here’s one of the very oldest roulette gambling system which you’ll find mentioned everywhere –

Among numerous roulette gambling systems, variations of Martingale strategy are quite common and popular among the players. In this system the players double up the bet after each loss. The basic premise of this system is at one point the player will eventually win and than he/she will get back all the lost money with profits. This strategy has some serious flaws. Almost all the casinos have a limit for maximum bet and moreover, this strategy requires a very large amount of money. Another popular roulette gambling system is to follow Fibonacci system. With this strategy, the player calculates the bets according to the Fibonacci number sequence.

Best Roulette Gambling System

Gambling Systems in Roulette

Andres Martinez, author and former editor of LA Times invented an interesting roulette gambling strategy which he named Dopey Experiment. In this experiment the player need to divide his/her total amount of money for one session in 35 equal portions. Then he/she will bet the amount of each portion for the same number for 35 consecutive spins. If the ball lands on the number within 35 spins, the player gets back the original amount and can continue playing with house money.

More of the Best Roulette Gambling System

There’s actually lots of these systems and you can find information on most of them online for free.  Choosing a roulette strategy that works for you is often just a matter of preference – here’s some of the best known ones –

  • Labouchere System
  • D’Alembert system
  • Parlay System
  • 1326 System
  • Paroli System

Similar to Martingale system, there is another progression based roulette gambling strategy which is called Labouchere System. This system has a serial of number in a line which guides the player to fix the bet amount after a loss or win. This system is more flexible than Martingale system and it allows the player to make the initial bet on his own preference. A long run of series losses in Martingale system can make the player reaching the table limit and stop. However, the Labouchere system makes the bet size increase rapidly even if the losing sequence is interrupted by wins.

D’Alembert system, another roulette gambling system is also known as montant et demonant and more popularly as pyramid system. The theory behind this system is a mathematical equilibrium theory. This system is generally applicable on even money bets such as red/black, odd/even and high/low. The pattern of this system is quite simple: add one unit following a loss and deduct one unit following a win. This roulette gambling system is fundamentally flawed as the underlying idea of this system is based on the gambler’s fallacy that win is usually followed by a loss and vice versa.

If you have a specific target in mind, then there are other systems you can use to attempt to reach them.   The Parlay roulette system is one of those, it’s extremely simple and designed to be a framework which wins a specific amount before completion.  People do use this strategy very successfully and it’s simplicity means that you can use it both in physical and online casinos very easily.  Again though, it offers no special advantages and certainly doesn’t influence the roulette odds of winning.  It does however offer a framework where you can gamble more efficiently.

If it’s a thrilling ride you want then maybe the 1326 strategy is for you. It works best on 50/50 bets so you can actually use it for most table games in a casino as long as you pick the right bets.  Don’t try it with any sort of roulette tricks though, as you can lose very quickly.  It’s based on the Paroli system which you can also find details in this site, but has stricter parameters to follow.

Several roulette gambling systems are available for large sums of money online which promise a surefire win in roulette. However, be aware these promises are false there is simply no guaranteed roulette winning formula so don’t try and buy one.   Using any of these betting systems can help you maximise your roulette payouts, but you’ll still need luck.  Many people will always insist that the most successful roulette strategy is to never visit a casino – but where’s the fun in that !


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