What is the Paroli Roulette System?

There are several gambling systems which are built upon some principle aimed to help a player managing the bets and increase the chance of winning. Paroli Roulette system is one such gambling system which is widely used and accepted as an effective system.  This is a betting strategy, not a tactic for actually playing the game.

The Paroli roulette System, often cited as Anti-Martingale System, is a gambling system that is developed on the principles of compound interest of finance. However, the Paroli roulette systems uses positive progression. According to the system, you must only increase your bet after winning, resulting in ‘pyramiding’ your winning steaks. Pyramiding means you will use you initial bet and your winnings for successive bets.

Paroli Roulette System

However, to make Paroli work effectively you have to think about some factors prior to the game. You have to determine your unit value of betting. Then you have to determine the number of bets you will place successively before withdrawing your winnings and start again with your original bid. This consideration, nevertheless, depends on the nature of the game and the odds of the bets.

To help illustrate, suppose you are playing French Roulette.  You have determined that your original bet is $1 and you will try for three wins at a row. So you start the game with the placement of your $1 bet. If you win, you will make another bet of $2. In that way you will double your wager until you have three consecutive wins or you lose the money. And then, you will start over again with another $1 bet.

The Paroli Roulette system is simply designed to take the benefit of successive wins. While you are raising the amount of your bet in a hot streak you can actually generate more winnings than simply playing a flat rate. On the other hand, you will only lose one betting unit when your luck does not shine on you.

This system is applicable for roulette as well as for blackjack. However, in gambles like Lotto or Joker you cannot apply it.

The main thing is to strictly follow the system. If you can stick to the system, you have the opportunity to make a larger amount of money from a small initial bets.  The  Paroli Roulette system requires less money to be placed on bet initially.  If you stick to the system it supposedly not only increases the chance of winning larger amount of money, it also decreases the chance of losing a lot.

However, Paroli system has some disadvantages too. Winning bets may result in reaching the limit for the table. Moreover, the expected hot streak may not occur according to your expectation. As a result you may lose money by starting over and over again.

Paroli Roulette System allows you to make more money with less initial bet. This tactic creates advantage for the players who start with a relatively small amount of money. Winning a hot streak in Paroli system will result in receiving a larger amount than the probable amount of money generated from a flat betting system.

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