How to Win on Roulette Wheels

Wouldn’t it be great, I mean to guarantee your winnings, to unlock the secret of how to win on roulette tables anywhere in the world. Certainly a lifestyle I’d enjoy flitting about from Casino to casino topping up your bank balance wherever you go. But unfortunately it’s not that easy, if it was pretty soon every casino would be out of business. But sometimes these things defy logic and I want to tell you an interesting tale of two students who really did figure out how to win on roulette using their brains and a computer.

We take the computer for granted now but the surprising thing about this story is that it took place in the late 1970s and I can assure you the computer was a different beats in those days ! This is the story of how a group from the University of Santa Cruz in California got together to try and put a system on how to win on roulette wheels. They named themselves the Eudaemons and they were headed up by J. Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard, although the goal was just to win money at roulette, the overall aim was more lofty they wanted to fund a scientific community with the winnings.

They bought themselves a roulette wheel, and some scientific equipment including a camera and an oscilloscope to keep track of the motion of the roulette wheel. After long intensive research they eventually figured out a formula involving trigonometric functions and four different variables. Two of the most important of these included the period of rotation of the roulette wheel and the period that the ball spun around the roulette wheel.

The Plan – How to Win on Roulette

However there was still a major problem, the calculations were very complicated so they decided to build a computer specifically designed for this task. The data about the wheel was fed into the computer which would then retrun a prediction based on their calculations on which of the octants of the roulette wheel the roulette ball would drop into. they designed the computer so it could be concealed, in fact it was actually small enough to fit inside a shoe. You had to input the data by tapping the big toe on the shoe which contained a small micro-switch. Then an electronic signal was relayed to a vibrotactile output system which was hidden inside the shirt and strapped onto the chest. The system would indicate to the wearer which of the eight sections of the wheel they should bet on by a vibrating signal, the ninth signal would indicate that no bet should be placed.

All this work was not completed in a single summer vacation though, it actually took two years to develop the system before the group took off to Las Vegas to put their plan into action. They spent all that time on a single goal learning how to win on roulette wheels and now they were ready to see if it worked in the real world.

By now it was 1978, they split the system up between two people to make it more manageable – one was an observer who was responsible for putting in data from the roulette wheel into the system with their foot. The bettor would receive the output signal under their shirt.

So did it work ?
Well the system produced returns of 44%, that means for every dollar they gambled they would receive $1.44 return – a huge edge against the house. But alas there were some problems, in one casino when they were playing on a very profitable roulette wheel then the insulation failed and the bettor received some electric shocks from the solenoids. When this happened Farmer was in the observer role, and was forced to leave the casino to stop the bettor who carried on betting despite the system breaking down. It turned out that the solenoid has burnt a hole in to the skin of the bettor. This incident turned out to be the end of the Eudaemons who decided to disband the group and the attempt. Their profit was a not insubstantial $10000 (in the late 70s).

Of course this story always make me wonder, it was a success, their system worked with 1970s computer technology – what would be possible now? There are of course many different systems being touted all over the internet – mainly it’s the Martingale in some form or other ! The Eudaemons really only had practical problems, so who knows if people aren’t now using the system all over the world. They wouldn’t even have to disguse these systems anymore because although the vast majority of online roulette wheels are computerised. There are actually a few proper, real roulette wheels online – like this on in Dublin, Ireland where you can play in real time just like the people in the casino – Dublinbet

There are other systems which claim to use mathematics to exploit a flaw, such as the break roulette system you can see here – Break Roulette, this is not directed in real roulette but just the random number generators in computer roulette software which most use. I don’t play on computer roulette wheels very often though so haven’t tested this system yet.

There’s one thing for certain some people are out there have figured out how to win on roulette, just not quite sure who !

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